A team of seven men and seven women sit in the green tussock

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A black browed albatross sits on a nest on the edge of a steep cliff

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a pair of gentoo chicks sit on a nest, one with beak open

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18 Elephant seal weaners are lying in front of a wooden fence and building

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Two male elephant seal bulls clash with waves in the background

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A green bottle lays on a black pebble beach

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A balck and white gentoo penguin with orange feet sits on a nest with two chicks

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A brown elephant seal pup lays on its back sleeping

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A woman wearing a cap has make up on her face to look like a facial injury

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A dark brown, furry, newborn elephant seal pup lays on the sand

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Three men and one woman stand in a line dressed in green hospital scrubs

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a white kelp gull flies with open wings against blue sky

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A series of huddled brown penguin chicks along a coastline

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Two women have a layered cake in front of them and are looking at photos of elephant seals

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A large male elephant seal with a scar down it’s back is laying flat on the beach

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A group of people are sitting around pizza boxes discussing ideas

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A close up of a Maquarie Island cabbage leaf covered in snow with sunshine glowing through

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A brown fluffy King Penguin chick is feeding from the beak of an adult King penguin

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A crumpled clear plastic water bottle with label still attached

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An elephant seal is hiding behind green blowing tussock, only its nostrils can be seen

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A woman in camouflage jacket is standing in front of a wandering albatross

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A man crouches next to a computer server housed in a small hut

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7 people stand on the foreshore with the red Aurora Australis in the background.

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Nine people in various fancy dress stand in front of a rock near an elephant seal, a woman stands on the rock with a life ring around her neck

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The leg of a person is standing in a field of buzzies

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one person stands at a whiteboard, another at a radio console and a woman sits at a table in front of maps

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two people pull a large blue plastic drum out of a swamp of brown kelp

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A pink sunrise over a rocky outcrop and horizon

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A woman stands in an apron holding a pair of tongs with a sausage

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Five people are looking over the edge of a platform as two people tie knots to a structure

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four people wear hiking gear ready to go on a hike

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Thousands of king penguins surround a rusted metal structure on a beach

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Nine brightly dressed people are standing in the grassy tussocks of Macquarie Island

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A Giant petrel attacks a fluffy brown King penguin chick creche

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a woman in a life jacket sits at the tiller of a red inflatable boat

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Two people are restocking a yellow tub with a red helicopter nearby

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The waste accumulated on station waiting to be loaded onto the ship for Return To Australia

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Ali Dean waving to the ship from the Ham Shack on Macquarie Island

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A limpet moving around in a rock pool at Macca recently

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A wandering albatross flying for the first time on Macquarie Island

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Stilbocarpa at Brothers Point. Very common across Macquarie Island

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Royal penguin at Macquarie Island

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A group of swimmers preparing for the Australia Day swim — plus the observer, there to check for any hazards

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The red round flower head of Acaena Magellanica

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Norbert — call sign VK0AI — in the Ham Shack on the top of Hut Hill making contact with ham operators around the world.

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Green Gorge hut showing a tank outside the hut with pipe feed outside the hut

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Two ellie seals on the beach at Macca with superimposed Christmas Hats

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