Moments in time, captured at Macca.

Out and about

One of the many highlights when living and working on Macquarie Island or any of the continental stations is the opportunity to get out and explore the local environment.

Here at Macca everything changes rapidly, so you have to make the most of any opportunity that may arise, especially those of the photographic nature.

A couple of weeks ago the beaches were littered with Elephant seals having their pups, now most of the cows have gone back to sea to feed and the weaners are scattered everywhere preparing themselves to take on the open sea. Sub-adults are turning up to moult and laze around in the wallows amongst the tussock grass.

The Gentoo penguin chicks, so tiny and vulnerable when first hatched, are wandering about and starting to crèche, and the Royal penguin colonies are now full of birds sitting on eggs. On the beaches, King Penguin numbers have grown enormously as they arrive to moult and start the breeding cycle again.

At times the surf rages, then its flat, the wind howls then calms down and when it snows it never stays for long, the face of Macca is constantly changing.

The weather pretty much dictates everything that goes on down here, and calm, cloudless days are few and far between, so when all the conditions are right, it’s time to get out and take in all the Island has to offer.

One thing I do know is that the time passes very quickly when you are down south, and just like a photograph is a frozen moment in time, so too is our time here, so get up off your aperture, get focused and get out there.

Here are some of those moments.


Pete (Building Services Supervisor)