Gentoo penguin and chick

Meet Macca's boilermaker/welder Read more

A small fluffy chick sits on a nest on a snowy hill surrounded by mountains

Wandering albatross chicks start to fledge from Macquarie Island Read more

A giant petrel flying in the sky

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A regal white bird with a yellow strip on its beak, sits in a nest on the side of a cliff.

Albatross monitoring on the far southwestern slopes of Macca Read more

Three people in life jackets sit in a red dinghy with a barren hill behind them

Technical officer Damo Everett on boating, scones and 'feeding the… Read more

Dieso Mike departing station atop the Doctor's Track - Macquarie Island 2023.

This week, our winter Dieso tells a tale about a 36-kilometre journey to… Read more

Big eyed elephant seal pup

This week at Macca, an insight into the annual Elephant Seal census. Read more

A group stand on a hill in bright yellow high vis, with one person tied in to a stretcher

This week, some great photographs from Macquarie Island provide a visual… Read more

FTO pretending to be a firefighter - Matt Roberts, Macquarie Island 2023.

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A brilliant aurora display above expeditioners heads

The Macca Winter Chef 2023 - Jordan Smith Read more

Macquarie Island from Golf Tee - 2023.

This week at Macquarie Island, the days are getting longer and all the… Read more

Pete 'Pig Dog' Peterson at Brothers Point Hut - 2023 Macquarie Island.

Me and the AAD by 'Pig Dog' Pete Stevenson Read more

Jadon in the field - Macquarie Island 2023.

This week at Macca, we hear from Bureau of Meteorology technician and… Read more

2023 Macquarie Island Darts Team Champions.

This week at Macca, winter Darts Co-Captain, Sparkie and Barber… Read more

Matty Free at the top of Doctor's Track, Macquarie Island.

This week, we learn more about Matty - one of our winter plumbing team. Read more

Winter plant operations at Macquarie Island 2023.

This week, we hear from one of the Macca winter Plant Operators. Read more

Buckles Bay - Macquarie Island.

This week, we hear from the Chippies of Macquarie Island. Read more

Boardwalk through green vegetation

This week at Macca, we learn about the incredible work of our Tas Parks… Read more

Two cylindrical pieces of equipment on stands

This week at Macca, we learn about wide-ranging role of the comms team. Read more

Rachel releases a balloon with a sonde attached to measure the atmospheric conditions.

This week at Macca, we get some insight into the 2023 Macca BoM team. Read more

Macquarie Island in winter

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2023 winter plumber Wayne Phillips standing underneath an aurora - Macquarie Island.

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Macca expeditioners silhouetted by a rainbow

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A lone seal sits on a green tussock

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Aaron looking over the relatively clean beach at Sandell Bay at the end of a day of marine debris collection

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Digestors at The Nuggets

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A waterfall is seen on a grassy green hil

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An amphibious vehicle travels down a wet road surrounded by grassy tussocks

A very busy and successful week on the Green Sponge Read more

A penguin against the backdrop of a red and white ship at sea

Filling the cupboards continues Read more

A group of people stand on the shore in front of a large red and white ship

RSV Nuyina has arrived at Macquarie Island for resupply operations. Read more

2023 Macquarie Island winter Field Training Officer Matt Roberts on the Doctor's Track.

How we keep everyone safe on Macca Read more

A group of people near a wooden hut by the ocean let off orange flares to farewell a ship

Get to know our resident diesel mechanic Mike Coombe Read more

Adult emperor penguins and chicks – Auster Rookery, Mawson October 2015

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Large easterly surf waves at Nugget's Point, Macquarie Island 2023

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A person in brown protective clothing launching a balloon at Macquarie Island

A new crew takes on the Big Green Sponge Read more

Voyage 7 resupply vessel MPV AIVIQ in Buckles Bay, with a southern Elephant Seal in the foreground.

Macquarie Island station is a flurry of activity as the annual resupply… Read more

Tourist ship in Buckles Bay

This week we see the work of the Tasmanian Parks rangers managing cruise… Read more

A group of people lined up on a beach for the mid winter swim

Gary the Dieso gives his impression of his 12 months on Macca Read more

A view of an island's isthmus surrounded by blue skies and water

Some our our favourite pics from the season Read more

An electronic sign on a wall displays the current weather conditions

This week Steve the Chippy gives us the low down...on a very big low! Read more

An old green hut sits surrounded by green growth

We hear from Pete M, one of our Sparkie's on station, as to why Macca is… Read more

A wooden sign showing a train

Macca's magnificent curiosities Read more

Two smiling men prepare sushi in a large kitchen

Konnichiwa - this week, the Macca sushi train chugs into station Read more

A group of people in a warehouse are taught how to use safety gear

This week our field scientists return to station for some emergency… Read more

A penguin with its wings slightly outstretched

This week the Doc finds his poetic side… Read more

A whiteboard shows how to plan a trip

Traveling down the island by boats, to resupply huts and transport expos Read more

A women pushes a wheelbarrow full of food products through a warehouse

So just how do you go grocery shopping on Macca? Read more

Three men in Christmas outfits smiling

Feasts and fun to celebrate Christmas on Macca. Read more