This week, we get the Macca experience from the Winter Field Training Officer Matt.

The Macca experience according to the Winter Field Training Officer Matt

Hello from sunny or should I say windy Macca.

As amazing as the scenery and wildlife here is, one of the great things about being part of the 76th ANARE is the chance to learn new skills. Since we arrived in March, I have been an apprentice to all the trade groups here. Some might say the best apprentice! Although our Dieso did say it would be easier to train a penguin!

Since being here I have become a chippie - Pete taught me to always wear high vis, carry a pencil in your pocket, leave your teaspoon in your coffee mug which you then leave a trail of on-site so you can find your way out and measuring is for amateurs!

A sparky - always carry a wand, cable ties and the different colour wires are just to make things look pretty. They even cut hair as well!

A plumber - Water production doesn’t stop (unless the pipes freeze) and its all about head pressure.

One thing all the trades have in common is the driveway guarantee!

I have also been training to be a Doctor. Dr Kate won’t let me near a scalpel or a live person yet but I am hoping to get a chance before the L’Astrolabe arrives. At least once a month I stepped into the kitchen as apprentice chef (some call it a Slushy). Jords already refers to me as her Sous Chef, just not out aloud.

I have also learnt to drive a LARC, catch helicopters and be a fire fighter.

So if your reading this Anna, Brie and Zoe, you are about to get a new improved handy husband/dad coming home. But don’t fear I have been practicing my dad jokes and I am still funny. Just ask the crew here!

But having said all that, apart from the amazing scenery, wildlife and learning new skills, the best part of being here is all the wonderful people I have got to enjoy it with.

- Matt Roberts - 2023 winter Senior Field Training Officer, Macquarie Island 76th ANARE.