A large excavator ready for work on dirt with water in background

The Macquarie Island human impacts remediation team researches methods of… Read more

Skuas with young rabbit

Macca expeditioners assist our TASPAWS rangers to conduct an island-wide… Read more

Spirit of Enderby

The first tourist ship of the season arrives at Macquarie Island and the… Read more

Gentoo penguin with a chick

TASPAWS summer ranger Andrea shares her first impressions of Macquarie… Read more

Ben and Lisa collect groundwater samples from a sampling point on station

Expeditioners at Macquarie Island get summer programs underway. Read more

L'Astrolabe ship off shore of Macquarie Island

Our summer season at Macca gets underway with a visit from L'Astrolabe… Read more

Expeditioner on a steep slope covered in soil but flanked by moss, looks back at the camera with the ocean and rocks behind him

Macquarie Island expeditioners completed the all-island elephant seal… Read more

A young leopard seal and two giant petrels

A trip to the southern end of the island at Hurd Point, and a search and… Read more

Pete briefs Chris on the engine compartment of the LARC

LARC training in preparation for arrival of the first resupply voyage of… Read more

View of plateau from station

Springtime at Macca and the wildlife on the beaches is stunning. There is… Read more

Stay the plastic yellow labrador, a station mascot

The story of Macca’s replica Stay, the plastic labrador which acts as a… Read more

Paul helps chef Benny get dressed for cold conditions in the boats

Macca crew complete a rare west coast boating trip to Bauer Bay, orcas are… Read more

Macca wintering station crew

Macca’s TASPAWS rangers are conducting their annual northern giant petrel… Read more

Ranger Chris sits amongst the mossy rocks of Macquarie Island looking reflective

A marine debris clean up along part of the west coast of Macquarie Island… Read more

Leopard seal lies on the sand with one eye on camera, seemingly smiling

The annual animal migration begins with a leopard seal arriving on… Read more

Making a decision on the route

The Macca station crew undertook a demanding SAR exercise last weekend… Read more

Heading south in the IRBs, several expeditioners and boats are seen in water with green hills behind

Paul and MacGyver’s trip to Hurd Point: folding toilet seats, pterodactyls… Read more

The VHF repeater station at Mt Waite: note bent aerial

Macquarie Island communications: a trip to the VHF repeater station at Mt… Read more

The mess/surgery building

It’s been a quiet week on and off station, so this week we will have a… Read more

Ranger in the field on an awful day with low visibility and lots of snow

A week in the life of a wildlife ranger on Macca. Read more

Frozen lake on the plateau near Mt Elder

A walking trip to Hurd Point, Bureau of Meteorology staff commence… Read more

An expeditioner gives his torso a workout

It’s time to get fit (though there’s still room for pizza!), and enjoy the… Read more

Five expeditioners on a walk

“A Hamper at Handspike”: Macca expeditioners combine a picnic with a beach… Read more

Chef Benny hard at work preparing our midwinter food

Midwinters day was celebrated in great style at Macca last weekend! Plenty… Read more

Zodiac inflatable rubber boat

Macca tradies visit Green Gorge hut via boat. Read more

Ranger stands beside wire netting exclosure

World Environment Day at Macquarie Island, plus boating adventures and… Read more

A map showing route on Macca

A trip across the ‘feather bed’ to local landmark: Aurora Cave. Fire team… Read more

Two expeditioners working in a plumbing pit

Macquarie Island has experienced its first heavy snowfall for the year. Read more

view of snow covered plateau

Macca’s first snowfall for the year, and work continues on and off station. Read more

Five expeditioners setting up a rope retrieval system

Search and rescue training and field training at Macquarie Island. Read more

A calm beach on the isthmus

Unusual weather at Macca with easterly gales and rain, yet impressive… Read more

The Australian, New Zealand, and aboriginal flag are seen at half mast

ANZAC day at Macca, rockhopper penguins, and finally some clear aurora… Read more

Three expeditioners pose beside a walking track sign

Field training for the recently arrived 2014 crew is proceeding, and… Read more

a group of expeditioners set up the hose on the beach

With the station resupply, refuelling and changeover completed late last… Read more

A LARC amphibious truck is unloaded from the ship

A busy week at Macca with station crew changeover, resupply, and… Read more

Ange, Leona, Jaimie, Kate and Karen outside of Hurd Point hut all geared up ready to head back to VJM

This week on Macquarie Island preparations are being made for the station… Read more

Not the plateau near Scoble Lake — looking northwards across the remnants of the old seismometer station. The trench is about two metres deep and has an old rusted iron picket at the base

This is the final edition from the 66th ANARE Macca crew of 2013/14. Clive… Read more

Sandy Bay hut with rusted cross support bars on the outside. It sits at the base of the tussock covered slope of the escarpment with hundreds of adult king penguins in front of it

From Macca: Jenny has a story of two historic huts on the east coast, Kris… Read more

F1 — tiny mite on a blade of moss. The enlarged microscopic mite can be seen in some detail showing his antennae, one eye and three of its legs. You can make out some hair-like features on it’s carpace

Summer scientist Luis, enlightens us on the mosses of Macquarie island. Read more

Cruising down the west coast. Image taken from an IRB with one of the other IRB’s in the foreground with four people on board. The rugged coast and green slopes of the escarpment are in the background

We are taken on a circumnavigation of the island. We have a ‘late story on… Read more

Karen’s birthday cake number one at Bauer Bay hut. The cake has one candle on it

Laura, a Phd student here for the summer, tells us of her trip down… Read more

Clive and Bianca in the distance on the track heading down to Bauer Bay

Vicki goes on a extended walk. Macca Gallery this week features the… Read more

New Zealand team weigh in. All nine members, dressed in ‘all black', are standing on the large scales in the Green Store

Austangi Day Challenge. Marine debris collection on the West Coast. This… Read more

Northern giant petrel chick sheltered under a rock that is covered in tussock mounds at Sellick Bay

Clive tells us about volunteering with the TASPAWS northern giant petrel… Read more

Several king penguins inspecting the survey method — a grid made up of a orange plastic tube frame with string stretched across the frame at regular intervals. There is also a white tape stretched across the slope. Hurd Point hut can be seen in the distant background

Laura tells us about the weed ‘wintergrass’ infestation on Macquarie… Read more

The field party making their way along the track on the western featherbed. On either side of the track is abundant native silver-leaf daisy Pleurophyllum hookeri, many of them in flower

We take you on a walk in the west with a volunteer’s perspective. Jenny… Read more

Four expeditioners: Jimmy, Clive, Aaron and Goldie standing by the kitchen sink peeling prawns for Christmas

Our Christmas and New Year Celebrations. We have a short piece on summer… Read more