Wandering albatross chick with adult in the Amphitheatre in April 2016

Our wandering albatross and gentoo chicks are getting bigger; we revisit… Read more

Satellite image of the data coming back from the trackers

Grey petrel tracking results, a summer resupply around the wildlife, cute… Read more

Two elephant seals on the beach

Elephant seal census results are in, a couple of our summerers report back… Read more

Fur seal pup in profile

The clean air project is explained and we introduce our first baby fur… Read more

A picture of a Orca with its fin and body out of the water spotted off North Head

The wildlife continues to inspire and amaze and we get an update on how… Read more

A black-browed albatross sitting on its nest in Windsor Bay October 2016

The albatross have come back to the island for summer; a SAR exercise to… Read more

Royal penguins standing on the beach in the sunshine

It’s all about arrivals this week — the Royals are back and L'Astrolabe… Read more

A gentoo penguin sitting on chicks just in view in the vegetation

First gentoo chicks have been spotted, hospital training exercise… Read more

A picture of some red berries among the green vegetation which are quite elusive

This week we share how any walk is full of new discoveries, more Macca… Read more

Group photo of four people ready to set out on northern giant petrel census

An update from the northern giant petrel census, the purpose of the Dobson… Read more

3 men sit at a table to play a musial quiz

We celebrate our halfway point; seal numbers are growing; Marty finally… Read more

Close shot of a skua from the front

Skuas are back as food opportunities increase, more improvements around… Read more

A baby seal with its mother on the beach

As predicted last week, we have our first seal pups and gentoo eggs, and… Read more

Leopard seal on the beach

Animals everywhere — first leopard seal sightings, orcas off the coast and… Read more

Typical lower altitude plateau landscape favoured by Huperzia australiana on Macquarie Island

Great news for plant recovery post eradication, a fancy dress evening… Read more

Juvenile tern on the wing

We meet Macca’s Antarctic terns, check in the progress of hydro and how… Read more

Large male elephant seal napping on the beach

This week we can see spring is coming, another Macca makeover is… Read more

An orange track marker visible in the fog of the track

Still no time to be bored here on Macca – tracks need to be marked, a new… Read more

A group of people holding a sign saying ‘we stand with the world’s park rangers'

Celebrations for World Ranger Day, birthday wishes for a much missed… Read more

Mountain covered in snow

This week George provides another wonderful walking story, Joe finds… Read more

A man on the slope looking for burrows

Great news on grey petrels, some walks for both pleasure and operations… Read more

A wandering Albatross chick looking alert and healthy on Petrel Peak, Macquarie Island, July 2016.

An Alby update, a significant birthday and tales of Rocket’s island… Read more

The king penguin colony at Green Gorge

Reflections on Macca’s changeable weather, election day tasks, super… Read more

Weathered rock formations south east of the OLT looking towards Mt Elder

A birthday, plateau tramping, more renos and a Macca rainbow are our… Read more

A group photo of the macquarie Island winterers with an elephant seal in foreground

This week is all about the festivities of midwinter celebrations past and… Read more

A sooty tern on the ground

Another visitor from afar, a grand opening and a walk on the plateau. Read more

A small wooden building on the coast surrounded by aerials and monitoring equipment

The secrets of the clean air lab, tales from the Labyrinth and featherbed… Read more

A pair of Wandering Albatross courting on Macquarie Island, January, 2016

Good news from Team Albatross, an epic journey to Hurd Point and a… Read more

A view looking to the Mess with everything covered in white

A big snow event at Macca, the longest running science project, kings bask… Read more

A Hooker’s sea lion on the beach amongst the kelp

A visitor from far shores, first fresh veg harvest, coloured skies, more… Read more

A group of people sitting around a large table set with white lines and candles.

A gourmet birthday feast, renovation rescue for an old hut, searching for… Read more

A small white box with radio aerials being held by a woman

A spot of boating, regular balloon flights, gardening, and renovations… Read more

A large bird with long bill in a nest snuggled up against a curious chick, who is looking at the camera. The chick is large and fluffy.

A busy week complete with ANZAC Day celebrations, a search and rescue… Read more

Four people stand in the main square of station kitted out in wet weather clothing and with field packs ready to leave on their familiarisation trip

Field familiarisations start for the new winterers, our first aurora over… Read more

L'Astrolabe on the bay as the sun rises over North Head.

Resupply comes to an end and all leave except for the new wintering crew… Read more

Shot from above of expeditioners unloading palleted frozen food and passing it along the line into the freezer

The winter crew at Macquarie Island complete resupply and wave farewell to… Read more

A pink sunrise sky over the boat shed with L'Astrolabe in the background

Macquarie Island welcomes L'Astrolabe and commences resupply. Read more

JCB moving logs

Macca prepares for L'Astrolabe, the French research vessel aiding their… Read more

The green store full of cargo

More prep for the incoming winter crew includes an industrial clean of the… Read more

Rich and Rob working at a desk

Macquarie Island expeditioners are preparing for the end of their summer… Read more

First sign of snow on the plateau

Work continues on Macquarie Island as some prepare for the journey home. Read more

Low cloud on the plateau with King Penguins in foreground

Lots of activity in the field this week at Macquarie Island and an… Read more

Anna looking at bananas on the cruise ship

Macquarie Island expeditioners welcome tourists and share pics of adorable… Read more

Plate of lamingtons

On Macca a birthday is celebrated, the mess gets a furry guard, invasive… Read more

Karen, Jimmy, Jane and Rich crocheting at the bar watching the Men’s singles final.

Expeditioners learn the art of crochet while catching up on the Aussie… Read more

Rich (and Rob with their birthday cake with sparklers

A week of fun filled celebrations at Macca including Australia Day games… Read more

The ship Akademik Sholkalsky off Garden Cove

Macquarie Island completes work and welcomes tourists. Rob from… Read more

Duncan B in a kimono

Science, social activities, recovering vegetation and so many moulting… Read more

Tasmanian Parks Ranger team standing in a green and brown meadow with orange markers strapped to their backpacks.

New faces, festive celebrations and some amazing auroral activity have… Read more