Breaking wave

Macquarie Island tackles field science including albatross research, looks… Read more

Margi Kate and Ian standing with weather station

Alien plants, tourists, a rabbit, and some fantastic images this week from… Read more

Helena, Terry and Robbie on east beac

Macca expeditioners are busy with work and a skua census. Ranger Andrea… Read more

Rich, Jimmy, Terry, Helena, Terry and Robbie out enjoying the sunshine.

Macquarie Island prepares for tourists and welcomes new expeditioners in… Read more

Group photo of expeditioners in costumes for halloween

Halloween, cup day, weather summary and an interview with Macquarie… Read more

Expeditioners at Hamshack balcony waving

At Macca, we say farewell to a dear friend and welcome a few new ones. We… Read more

Male elephant seal about to hold female down

Macquarie Island expeditioners are counting seals and cleaning up after a… Read more

Seals being inundated with waves

Tsunami evacuation drill, very real bad weather and a marine mammal… Read more

The Macca team at the golf tee after the tsunami muster

Macquarie Island is busy with hydroponics, dramatic search and rescue… Read more

The RAPS at Brothers Point hut with a view to the north of the island in rear

There is lots happening at Macquarie Island including a large northern… Read more

Black furry elephant seal pup with adult seal

The first seal pup of the season is here! Expeditioners find some… Read more

Justin Ben and Jacque cleaning an oven

Celebrations as a long running project is completed in an icy gully, and… Read more

An unidentified whale is seen just under the water.

Surf’s up! Plus, murder? Expeditioners have a multi-birthday murder… Read more

A view over station in the morning light

Macca shows off with wonderful images, a world record stargazing attempt… Read more

An expeditioner working atop a ladder in Gadgets Gully.

New maintenance ladders are installed at Gadgets Gully, some birthdays are… Read more

A leopard seal laying on the ice

A darts challenge, some welcome blue skies after a string of cloudy days… Read more

Expeditioners sitting around a table with Post-It notes

The Macca team were kept busy filming for the 48-hour film festival, and… Read more

Marion and Nick using a fire hose and spraying water

Macca expeditioners are hard at work training and repairing communications… Read more

A moss-covered, rusted pot rests on rock and grass at a beach.

An update on station activities at Macquarie Island including a search for… Read more

Louise standing in front of the power generator at Brothers Point hut

A cosy week on station with both work parties and recreational travellers… Read more

Leopard seal laying on the beach

All things marine are the theme of this week’s news from Macca. Read more

King penguin chick with a little snow on its back.

A wet, wild and windy week here on Macquarie Island. Read more

68th ANARE midwinter group photo

Station enjoyed midwinters celebrations this week, with a heritage lunch… Read more

Four people playing table tennis

Business as usual this week on Macca with sports in the store ramping up… Read more

A lake covered in icy

Settling into winter with quiz night and some icy weather. Read more

Gentoo penguins in the snow at Eagle Bay

Chef Justin Chambers takes over the news this week, and shares some of his… Read more

View of station with low cloud over it

A windy cold snap, harvesting hydroponics and a new flue installed on our… Read more

Elephant seal in foreground and amphibious vehicle to rear

A windy week at Macca as expeditioners complete search and rescue… Read more

Small fur seal lying on doormat outside a workshop entrance.

Some clear skies at Macca this week have kept expeditioners on their toes… Read more

Man in red adn white striped shirt standing behind a birthday cake of a pirate flag

Pirates, plants and precipitation. There is lots from Macca this week… Read more

People sitting in shed with tools on wall in background talking and smiling

Anzac Day commemorations, settling in, and some field trips. Read more

Looking out to sea from shore with ship Aurora Austrails in background, and an amphibious vehicle and two inflatable boats in foreground

Resupply comes to an end at Macquarie Island, and the 2015 winter crew… Read more

A helicopter lands amongst cargo on a dark and pebble covered beach

Annual resupply and station crew changeover activities are in full swing… Read more

Grey-headed albatross chick

From albatrosses to auroras: the latest travels of Macquarie Island’s… Read more

Beach from Jarrod’s drone

Macquarie Island expeditioners submit their best photographs for their… Read more

The light of an aurora dances just off shore at Macca

Activities on Macca are revolving around preparations for our coming… Read more

Hurd Point royal penguin colony

Walking to Hurd Point can be painful, especially when you're too… Read more

Ingrid’s collection site

Science projects on Macquarie Island: a study of the impact of… Read more

Royal penguin colonies at The Nuggets

Scotty and Joe walk to Hurd Point, TASPAWS rangers thank others on station… Read more

King penguin with egg on its feet, surrounded by other penguins in various states

The breeding cycle of king penguins, and refresher training on station for… Read more

Our simulated helicopter fire

Macquarie Island expeditioners conduct fire team training, and a vital… Read more

Green Gorge basin covered in greenery, shrouded by a gloomy sky with water in the background

Bureau of Meteorology expeditioners Evelyn and Sean share pictures of… Read more

Dark clouds and rain begin to drench a plateau on Macquarie Island

The Macquarie Island albatross and giant petrel programme researchers… Read more

Yacht Katharsis II at Macca

Macca received an unusual visiting boat, and Australia Day was celebrated. Read more

Satellite image of Southern Ocean on 15 January

Record rainfall at Macquarie Island causes heavy damage to the water… Read more

Northern giant petrel adult bird on the nest with an egg in September

A trip to band giant petrel chicks, and a new gym at Macca. Read more

Two Santas: Santa Joe (left) and Santa Paul (right) — expeditioners dressed as fake Santas

Macca expeditioners celebrated Christmas and New Year in fine style on… Read more