This week we discover 500 reasons why you should never trust a… Read more

A blue and white cruise ship sits off the rugged green coast line

This week marks one month since the summer crew arrived Read more

A group of people in a red inflatable boat cruise past the shore of a rocky island

This week we follow the field science party as they and their gear head… Read more

Penguins huddle amongst green tussocks of grass with a wooden hut in the background on a grey, wet day

We look at the work of Geoscience Australia (GA) and the Australian… Read more

A blue and white ship sits offshore on a steady blue sea

Bon voyage escapees and welcome to all new comers Read more

A LARC,(half truck, half boat) being lowered into the sea near Hobart.

This week we see the island through the eyes of Adam, our incoming FTO… Read more

A long distance shot of seals on a grey beach near a research station

This week we go seal counting with the expeditioners at Macca Read more

A group of elephant seals lie on the black sand of the shore in the sun

This week we see some of the sights that greet us out our various windows… Read more

Three men in jackets with back packs stand in front of lake on a grassy peak.

We follow the adventures of "Jim's Handyperson Services" Read more

A large white cinema screen with showing a black and white sign saying "Macquarie cinemas"

We christen the refurbished cinema Read more

A Satellite image of a mountain cloud down wind

As if we don't have enough hills on Macca, even the clouds are… Read more

A cake in the shape of a seal face with a large proboscis lies on a platter on the rocky shore with a large elephant seal in the background.

We see what's cooking - with the southern elephant seals on Macca Read more

Looking down a tussock covered hill towards the sea

Find out what's involved in getting up and down Macca's notorious… Read more

An aerial image looking down to a large colony of fluffy brown king penguin chicks huddled together on a pebble beach.

We go field tripping with the Macca rangers Read more

Snow capped hills drop away to the sea under grey clouds

Viewing Macca through the eyes of our Swiss (but definitely Aussie at… Read more

A plastic guide dog is dressed in fire fighting gear

The small island that keeps on giving Read more

A glass globe sits in a frame and is used to measure hours of sunshine

This week we explore the weather facts on Macca Read more

A man in hi-vis stands beside some technical equipment on a workbench beside him, looking to camera.

We check out the role of ozone in the atmosphere Read more

A large red ship with two penguins on shore in front of it

Take a look at the different ships that have visited Macca Read more

Four men huddled around a fire and smiling. One man is enjoying a glass of sparkling wine.

In search of endangered species Read more

A man in hi viz works on a yellow generator

This week we look at what 'powers' Macca Read more

A grassy valley with a water holding dam and the ship Nuyina in the background

We're finding out how we get safe drinking water... in a place that's… Read more

Platters of food under a heated light

Midwinter celebrations on Macca Read more

An old winch from the sealing days sits on a grassy tussock covered in snow

Winter sets in on the Green Sponge Read more

Grassy hills drop steeply to a rocky shore and blue ocean

Let’s see what our rangers get up to when keeping an eye on our precious… Read more

A group of expeditioners line up outside to start some push ups

This week the buffed and beautiful at Macca get stuck into the "Push Up… Read more

A group of people stand on a grey sandy beach with a plastic dog

Stay does her bit for charity on Macca Read more

Large crack in the earth on the way to Gadgets Gully

An unexpected bump in the night gets Macca expos out of bed Read more

A seal lies in on grassy tussocks in front of three flag poles, one featuring the pride flag

Dr Dane walks us through IDAHOBIT Day, and flying the flag at Macca Read more

A crew in life jackets prepare to launch a boat from a grey gravelly beach

Expos on Macca head out for a day on the water, resupplying huts, spotting… Read more

Two people in a medical facility are setting up the ventilator by checking the tubes, wires and dials

A station prepares for unexpected illness and possible surgery Read more

Station members gather around a flag pole to hear Station Leader deliver the Anzac Day speech.

Anzac Day celebrated in the farthest corners of Australia Read more

Hundreds of moulting Royal penguins in a huddle

Autumn is in the air at Macca - and our furry friends are on the move Read more

Trades group in workshop in hi viz gear

Brad from the greenstore introduces the new Macca crew Read more

Group of Expeditioners in front of the main mess ready to depart station

Getting ready for field work and island adventures Read more

Picture showing the new team on the helideck of the new ship Nuyina

Big delivery and settling in at Macca Read more

A logo image, showing a bird over an island.

The last Station Update for Macca 74th ANARE Read more

A massive red ship sits in the ocean with smaller boats next to it

What's on the menu for dinner? Read more

A large group of seals wallow in a brown creek

Macca's latest Ranger tells all Read more

Two hikers overlook a blue bay from a grassy tussock

Reflections from our Senior Communications Technical Officer Read more

Two men stand outside a wooden hut as they are cleaning it

February has been a busy month on Macquarie Island Read more

A green hill runs down to the foreshore under a bright sun

More pictures, less words Read more

Three penguins amongst station buildings and grass

Station philosophy from Dr Rob Read more

Three large brown birds feeding in shallow waters

Tales of a wandering chef Read more

A typed note sits on a pair of repaired pajamas

Keeping the station together, literally Read more

A lone seal sits on the green tussock grass

Weather, walking and wildlife Read more

A gentoo chick sleeping on the black sand

Counting wildlife on Macca Read more

Five people dressed as elves and Santa relax after Christmas lunch

Macca expeditioner's holiday thoughts Read more