Brad from the greenstore introduces the new Macca crew

The movers and shakers at Macca this season

We are well into 2022 with the resupply and changeover of personnel at Macca completed, everyone is ready to start cracking on with work and the station modernisation program. With that in mind I believe I should introduce the movers and groovers of Macca 2022.

Pete (The Governor)

The man making the big decisions, Pete our Station Leader is well and truly ready to tackle the trials and tribulations the Macca will throw at us this year. He is a very keen boatie, loves listening to Paul Kelly and always happy to have a chat about life in Far North Queensland. Pete has had quite a bit of media coverage these last couple of weeks - so has opted out of a photo for this story.

Kim (Chef extraordinaire)

Kim is one of the busiest people on station. Being the chef that without fail, feeds 21 hungry people every day with his delicious food. He’s also our Deputy Station Leader. Kim is a great darts player, who loves his West Tigers and Sydney Swans.

Dr Dane (Doc)

Dane is the station doctor, who has come from the hot interior of Australia (Alice Springs) to the cold wind swept island of Macca. A board game connoisseur, who has managed to get every board game ever made down here for us to play. Just remember to play seriously and exactly to the rules!

Elliot (AKA Trades Daddy)

With Pete making the big decisions, if there was ever anyone second in that regard, it’s Elliot. He is the man steering the trades groups in getting the work done for the station modernisation program. A happy humble fella that hails from South Australia, he is always keen to get involved with any game or activity on station.

Urs (FTO)

Who would have thought that here at Macca we would have our very own Swiss mountaineer? Urs is the man to see when it comes to all things outdoors. Whether it’s navigating a map, using a compass, tying various knots or conducting a search and rescue, he has it all. In his downtime Urs is furiously practicing to become the station’s darts champion.

Ranger Team, Andrea (Ranger in Charge) and Jarrod (Wildlife Ranger)

Our ranger team this year are the nicest couple you could ever meet, both with cheeky smiles and great humour they have a wonderful knowledge of the flora and fauna of the island. They both are happy to answer questions related Macca wildlife even when it has been a long day, but we must always remember to obey the animal approach distances!

Comms Team, Matt (SCTO) and Craig (CTO)

The comms team are one of the most integral parts of station operations, as they provide communication to the outside world via telephone and internet access. Both fellas as always are happy to provide ICT support when needed. It is always a good idea to keep on their good side if you want to watch that footy game on Kayo.

Bureau of Meteorology Team (BOM), Dan (AKA BOM Daddy), Craig (AKA Bushy), Tanya

The BOM team provide support to the station and broader Australia with their monitoring of weather and wind patterns in the Southern Ocean. They are also the one team on station that do shift work over a 24 hour period. All three members are great people to sit down with on Friday night, have a beer or two and talk about anything. Tanya also makes the best tiramisu you have ever eaten.

Chippies, Graeme (AKA McGivor), Harley (AKA Rainbow)

These two carpenters are the soul of the station, McGivor is a wealth of knowledge when comes to the buildings and how to repair and maintain them. He is loves the gym and at 55 did his first bodybuilding competition.

Harley is the youngest person on station but don’t let that youth fool you. He is also one of the hardest workers that is actively involved in all aspects of station life. He loves his footy and surfing, and his grandfather was also an Antarctic expeditioner.

Plumbers, Mark (AKA Hark), Tom (AKA Woody AKA Fire Chief)

Both hailing from the sunny state of Queensland, these two fellas have a variety of jobs that fall outside the traditional plumber's job description. This ranges from looking after our freshwater dam, managing the hot water services, looking after the soft drink post mix machine and the station incinerator. Hark, no sorry I mean Mark is a keen lover of all things sports, to the point that when Buddy Franklin kicked his 1000th career goal, the jumping and cheering by him could have been heard at the SCG. Tom the man with little legs but a massive heart, is also our Fire Chief and is always keen to give a helping hand and a cheeky pun to go with it.

Sparkies, Peter (AKA Pepper Pete), Kirby (AKA Kurbs)

Our two electricians have their work cut out for them in this aging station, with the extreme weather conditions there is always electrical faults to rectify and work to be done. They both will play an integral part in the station modernisation program. Pete is an avid QLD Maroons fan (he is always wearing his Maroons beanie), loves XXXX Gold and always has to have pepper on every meal (hence the nickname). Kirby is the most-worldly person I have ever met. You can talk for hours and hours about the different countries he has been to. He is another avid boatie, who aspires to buy his own yacht and sail the world.

Mechanical / Boiler Making, Gary (AKA Gazman), Colin (AKA Coal train)

The mechanical and boilermaking team is made of Gary (diesel mechanic) and Col (boilermaker/welder). Gary keeps all the diesel generators up and running, which provide the station with power. He also maintains and services our plant equipment which comprise of buggies, tractors, forklifts and excavators. Gary is originally from New Zealand but now resides at Bribie Island and like most Queenslanders loves his fishing and XXXX Gold. Col is the station boilermaker/welder but also excels at woodwork and carpentry to the point that he could be better than the chippies at their own trade (oops did I just say that!). Col is an avid cards player and I believe the station’s champion darts player.

Now there is only one more expeditioner to introduce, and that is the person who has wrote this article.

Station Supply Officer, Brad (AKA Haydo)

My role is management of the warehouse (greenstore) and to provide logistical support to the various groups here on station. During resupply I’m busy preparing cargo and people’s belongings ready to be loaded onto the ship for transport back to Hobart. What I enjoy in my free time here at Macca is to go out and explore the island observing the amazing fauna this island has to offer.

So this is the team at Macca for 2022, till next week bye bye and keep an eye out for the next Station Update!!