Getting ready for field work and island adventures

Setting off into the field

Our first field training trip has been completed with Dan, Andrea, Jarrod and Urs all having a great time on the first adventure of the new Macca crew (75th ANARE).

We spent three days out and about enjoying the scenery and the sub-Antarctic weather, as well as sharing expertise and enthusiasm. The group travelled on a standard loop to the Bauer Bay and Brothers Point areas while learning about the terrain, wildlife and safe field travel, practicing navigation and introducing Urs and Dan to the joys of Macca hut life. We had a good dose of wind, mist and rain, while most of us also became acquainted with various types of Macca bogs. There was even a little bit of sunshine on our way back to station!

Urs, our Senior Field Training Officer, has been very busy during our first weeks on the island ensuring that the new Search and Rescue (SAR) team do some island-specific training. They put into practice their knot craft and learnt about the trials of lowering a stretcher down a lumpy tussocky Macca slope. The SAR team is an important part of our emergency response on this remote sub-Antarctic island.

Andrea (Ranger-in-Charge)