Big delivery and settling in at Macca

The new crew arrives at Macca and we bid last season's team farewell

G'day all from the new crew (75th ANARE) at Macquarie Island....Macca.

This will be a pretty short first edition of our station update as we scramble to pack away and settle into our new island home.

We had a monster, and very successful, resupply that was made all the more impressive by some great pre-arrival work by our predecessors (74th ANARE) and great planning and organisation by the resupply team (voyage management, refueling team, watercraft operators, aviation teams and ship's crew).

At certain stages of the resupply there were three LARCs (amphibious vehicles that transfer loads from the ship to shore) running and two helicopters flying, keeping everyone on the ship and shore flat out.

All the inbound cargo was carefully sceened by Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service Rangers on site, before it was released onto the island, to ensure no pests were introduced as part of the operation.

With fuel tanks full and our freezers overflowing with tucker we are in good shape to start a busy season.

Thanks to everyone for getting us here and resupplied safely, our predecessors for setting us up so well for the season and everyone at home for keeping in touch and keeping our spirits up during the long pre-arrival period.

We look forward to keeping everyone informed about our year.