Three people standing on a ship in front of a mountain with a blue sky.

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A baby seal in water with rocks surrounding it.

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A inflatable boat pulls up onto a rocky shore with an elephant seal laying on the rocks.

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Man outdoors wearing a red raincoat and using tools to fix wooden staircase

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The new French Navy vessel L’Astrolabe completed a resupply of cargo and transfer of 10 new expeditioners to Macquarie Island today — The arrival of the 10 new expeditioners marks the commencement of the summer season at Macquarie Island — Across the summer season, a total of 19 summer expeditioners will be focused on a range of important science projects including: * Ongoing monitoring by the Albatross and Giant Petrel Program researchers * A geology project collecting basalt samples to determine the age and origin of the magmatism along the Australian-Pacific plate boundary * Monitoring ecosystem responses after the Macquarie Island Pest Eradication Project, including invertebrates, burrowing petrels and skua * A conservation project focused on monitoring the critically endangered Azorella macquariensis * The collection of lake sediment samples to study climatic and ecosystem changes.

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A sleepy weaner having a scratch while lying on the beach.

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Two royal penguins probably reunited recently — royal penguins generally pair for life

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A women standing on top of a hill with water in the background.

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The Macca medical team getting ready to perform a mock surgery.

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Two expeditioners standing outside in their fire fighting gear.

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The full group of ANARE team pose for a photo.

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Three expeditioners standing on green tussocks looking for giant petrels.

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Albatross researcher Emily Mowat sitting on the edge of a big snow dune.

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A photo showing the section of coast that all the debris was found.

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A bucket hanging outside is used as a shower.

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A rainbow that goes right over the Macquarie Island station.

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Adult grey petrel in its burrow (found with a pocket camera) — Macquarie Island

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A group of people at a clown-themed birthday party.

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Snow on the ground and covering the official Macquarie Island sign.

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Lake Tiobunga with Mount Hamilton peak in distance — Macquarie Island

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Sunrise looking down from a hill and over the water.

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Chef Nick Baker hard at work in the kitchen turning some food over on the hotplate.

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Wildlife Ranger Penny Pascoe — Lusitania Bay, Macquarie Island

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The meteorological instrument enclosure behind the MET office — Macquarie Island

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A photo of all the expeditioners at the front of a building.

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Man looking through an instrument to take magnetic observations

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Macquarie Island expeditoners Wayne, Kerri, Emry and Andrea at Bauer Bay Hut

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A photo of a woman who is the doctor on Macquarie Island outside her surgery

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Market Square under snow

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A shed full of machinery and equipment

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Fray Bentos Themed Birthday Cake for Matt Westbury — Macquarie Island

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Light-Mantled Sooty Albatross chick at North Head — Macquarie Island

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Two-Up at Macquarie Island — ANZAC Day 2017

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Macquarie Island expeditioners taking a break on the grass and enjoying field training

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A trio of expeditioners sit smiling on the slope amidst tussocks of grass

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100% Australian — Macquarie Island in sunshine agains the backdrop of a smiling elephant seal, Australian flag at full mast, and the departing Aurora Australis

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View of Hobart from rear deck of Aurora Australis

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A leopard seal and an NGP

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A picture of Mt Haswell

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Little king chick under protection of parent

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Adult bird guarding it’s chick

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A northern giant petrel chick on its nest

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A group of people having a BBQ

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White-headed petrel habitat looking good post Macquarie Island pest eradication program

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Wandering albatross chick sitting in the vegetation

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A chinstrap penguin visiting the isthmus. The chinstrap has a distinctive black line that goes from the back of the head around the front of the face

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a parent teaching two chicks to swim

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A christmas tree with presents

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