This week at Macquarie Island, we catch-up on fire fighting training.

Fire training on Macquarie Island

The LARC, the LARC, the LARC​ is on fire…

We don’t need water, let the — wait! That’s the fuel farm it’s parked next to, fire training time!

This past week, the expeditioners at Macquarie Island refreshed their skills in using the fire fighting hose to put out an invisible fire on the LARC (Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo). They learnt the techniques of short and long pulse for gas cooling as well as direct attack techniques — penciling and painting. It was also a good opportunity to test how long it would take water to be pumped from the tanks right down to the other end of the station — useful to know in case of a real fire. It also had the added benefit of providing a ‘unique’ carwash service which made our local diesel mechanic happy!

Fire fighting training is an important part of station life, in the case of a real fire there isn’t a local fire brigade to call up! The fire team is made up of a rotating group of expeditioners of various trades and professions. Everyone on station needs to know their roles and responsibilities, with some form of fire training taking place at least once per month.

Emry Thaggard Crocker — Fire Chief