A gentoo penguin steps out on the beach at Macquarie Island

Penguin projects and visitors to Buckles Bay Read more

A nesting skua with first hatched chick nestling inside the Met enclosure on the ground directly behind the fence

Meet the skua family in the Met enclosure, and visit Secluded Beach Read more

Bidding farewell to the winterers leaving the island — hugs on the beach before the zodiac takes them to the waiting ship

This week at Macca we bid farewell to some and train others in using the… Read more

L'Astrolabe sailing past Garden Bay to take up position in Buckles Bay ready for passenger and cargo transfers

This week on Macca we light sparklers, welcome summer expeditioners and… Read more

The icebreaker L'Astrolabe well on its way to Macca

This week at Macca we take a look at the development of the RAPS, look at… Read more

Gadgets Dam on cleaning day

The Macca team are dam cleaning this week and we take a look at station… Read more

A panorama view of the island taken from the middle of the isthmus — looking left to right — south to north

Photographic hints, a birthday celebration and a light-hearted look at our… Read more

First elephant seal pup born on Macquarie Island in 2018

Birthdays this week — for elephant seals and expeditioners Read more

A panorama of Hurd Point

This week at Macca we look at the current state of the ‘tiny pine tree’… Read more

A view taken out to sea in Hasselborough Bay on Macca’s west coast with a succession of larger breaking waves coming in

This week on Macca we enjoy a favourite view from station, and report on… Read more

Four Googie huts and four apple huts at Spit Bay Winter Camp on Heard Island, 1993

This week on Macca we look at the fabulous Googie huts, and take a train… Read more

Chris B & Rich in front of a dartboard in Macca Mess

This week at Macca we find out what the Senior Field Training Officer has… Read more

Hundreds of blue petrels returning to land after dark — they flit past the camera set up at North Head, Macquarie Island — the camera captures them as ghostly outlines against the dark night sky.

This week at Macca we look at one of the methods used to determine… Read more

A bull elephant seal roaring on West Beach, Macquarie Island

This week at Macca, we take a look at the returning wildlife and we're… Read more

Annette Fear lights the candles on a birthday cake while the recipient Vicki Heinrich looks on

This week at Macca we celebrate Vicki’s birthday, take a look at what we… Read more

Chris Howard, Macca Ranger In Charge, at the top of a Macca ‘jump up/down’ ( a route between the escarpment and the coast)

This week we find out what a Ranger In Charge gets up to in the field, we… Read more

a view looking south to the Nuggets from one of the Macquarie Island IRBs (inflatable rubber boats with competent crew Greg’s head in the foreground

This week at Macca we go boating down the east coast and congratulate the… Read more

The station JCB with a cage pallet

This week we take a look at one of our vehicles and report on our film… Read more

Antarctic fur seal on Macquarie Island this week

Macca this week welcomes visitors, showcases the area around Bauer Bay and… Read more

A wandering albatross chick sitting atop its turf nest with a motion camera in the foreground

This week at Macca auroras filled the night sky, we got a peek at the day… Read more

A poster for the recent Wimbledon Soiree at Macca

This week at Macca we look at some of the avian species on the island over… Read more

A view of the station from Doctors Track illustrating areas of lush vegetation selected to grow all sorts of vegetation in the past

This week we look at why there are no trees on Macquarie Island and where… Read more

Danielle and Annette with packs heading towards Sellick Bay on Macquarie Island

At Macca this week — what are we doing about marine debris? And, just how… Read more

The Australian, New Zealand, Union Jack and ANARE flags flying on a sunny clear (briefly) Midwinter’s Day on Macquarie Island

This week we report our Macca Midwinter’s celebrations on the island: our… Read more

A young male elephant seal asleep on the isthmus, Macquarie Island

A peak inside our sleeping quarters, the taste of curry and a birthday… Read more

Two elephant seals sparring on the beach on Macquarie Island

This week on Macca we welcomed back a young fur seal, celebrated a… Read more

A Grey Petrel incubating its egg in its burrow on Macquarie Island

This week at Macca we feature our winter breeding grey petrels and the… Read more

Angus Cummings at the Red River Bridge on the Varne Plateau, Macquaire Island

A trip down island and a guided tour of station this week from Macca Read more

The old BOM anemometer mast lying on the ground on the isthmus, Macquarie Island

This week at Macca an anemometer mast is raised, we celebrate with a… Read more

A Hookers sea lion with a young fur seal kill and surrounded by a flock of seabirds in Buckles Bay off Macquarie Island recently

This week at Macca we watched a sea lion dine and celebrated two… Read more

Danielle McCarthy, Peter Lecompte, Annette Fear and Richard Youd hiking the Inland Lake Track heading towards Bauer Bay hut on Macquarie Island

This week on Macca it’s another field training trip for three… Read more

Two raincoat wearing epeditioners raise the NZ and Australian flags at dawn (0632) on the isthmus Macquarie Island

This week we remember the sacrifice made by servicemen and women on a wet… Read more

Richard Youd leading a group for field training on the Varne Plateau, Macquarie Island this week

Field training gets underway, the east coast is subjected to huge swells… Read more

A view of station looking south from high on the slopes of North Head

A day trip to North Head, terns take a dip, inaugural salon opening and… Read more

A green astro-turf bunny as a table centre piece for the Macquarie Island Easter dinner

This week Macca trained for any emergency, enjoyed Easter and celebrated a… Read more

Two inflatable rubber boats beside the RV Aurora Australis off shore at Macquarie Island. One is loaded with several passengers ready to be ferried to the shore

This week at Macca it was all about finishing resupply and handover. Read more

Resupply morning — A classic Macquarie Island sunrise.

A short update on the annual Macca resupply. Read more

The 1948 Macquarie Island wintering team.

This week, a final station update from the Macquarie Island team before… Read more

Tiny starfish, pink sponges, coralline algae and anemones.

A stunning visual treat this week from Macca, as we share amazing imagery… Read more

Endemic Symphypleona springtail (Collembola) Katianna banzarei.

This week at Macca, we take a deep dive into the amazing world of… Read more

An amazing sunset over Macquarie Island station.

A big station update from Macca this week, with the team busy with science… Read more

Sandy Bay on Macquarie Island’s east coast — a royal penguin colony is on the left side of the photo.

This week, Macca’s summer seabird chicks and search & rescue training take… Read more

Macquarie Island expeditioners undertaking a stretcher carry as part of the SAR technical rescue exercise

A bumper edition of Macca news, with a station update recapping the last… Read more

A large grey cruise ship.

This week from Macca, a busy station update with the team now over halfway… Read more

A seal with its head poking up.

Some amazing fur seal pups feature in this week’s Macca station news along… Read more

Macquarie Island boating team on the east coast with Varne Plateau in the background.

Welcome to the first Macca station news of 2018! In this station update… Read more