This week at Macca we watched a sea lion dine and celebrated two expeditioner birthdays.

Sea lion smoko

Recently a concentration of giant petrels, skuas, shags and a few cape petrels were noticed moving slowly across Buckles Bay. Very quickly it was realised that a large seal of some description had caught what looked to be a young fur seal. The flock of birds obviously hopeful of some scraps as the sea lion fed.

Looking closely at the photos taken the seal was identified as an adult male Hooker’s sea lion (Phocarctos hookeri); the large head and thick mane distinctive features.

The Hooker’s, or New Zealand, sea lion is the world’s rarest sea lion species with a global population of approximately 10,000. It primarily breeds on New Zealand’s sub-Antarctic Auckland and Campbell Islands and to a lesser extent around the coast of New Zealand’s South and Stewart Islands.

Early Bird Celebration

On Saturday we celebrated Jez’s birthday with a do it yourself pizza parlour. The pizza bases and topping choices were all prepared ready to go. We just added our favourite toppings, handed them over to be cooked and voila, the pizzas were delivered in boxes to our seats! The birthday cake creation that followed was a sight to behold (and share). A ‘Game of Thrones’ inspired Black Forest Gateau — delicious!

On Sunday, Jez’s actual birthday, he and Greg took a brisk down island hike of more than 20 kms in all the weather Macca has to offer — wind, rain, hail, sleet, with a few sunny patches for good measure.

Triple Strudel Tuesday

Tuesday marked a mid-week celebration on station as we helped Norbert, our Senior Communications Technical Officer, enjoy his birthday.

Another fantastic meal courtesy of Annette, with something to suit everybody’s taste buds, plus a triple apple strudel for dessert!