A big station update from Macca this week, with the team busy with science and station-based work with less than four-weeks left for the season.

Station update

With less than four weeks till the planned arrival of the resupply ship Aurora Australis, station life continues to be busy at Macquarie Island.

In the field, our research scientists and field assistants are continuing to make great progress with their summer science projects. Our Albatross and Giant Petrel monitoring project is undertaking a southern giant petrel chick census, along with albatross chick banding and nest checks. Our post eradication ecosystem response project is busy in the field undertaking Antarctic prion and burrowing petrel transect work, along with intensive invertebrate and vegetation survey monitoring. Finally, our lake coring project is about to commence the most important aspect of their work, with core sampling of five island lakes.

Our station-based team continue to provide excellent administrative support to summer science, whilst finalising their own regular maintenance tasks and work projects. With the station focus now turned to resupply preparation, the station itself is slowly transforming. The ‘Green Store’ is becoming a hive of activity, with return cargo being diligently packed and prepared, whilst many station-based cleaning tasks are completed and beds made for the incoming expeditioners

With resupply nearly here, many expeditioners are enjoying the opportunity to travel in the field for the last time, with Macca continuing to provide some fantastic wildlife and scenery photo opportunities.

Finally, this week also saw the last tourist ship visit of this season, with some 48 passengers from the Spirit of Enderby enjoying a great day visit to the station.

Kyle (Station Leader)