Spirit of Enderby off Sandy Bay. There is a exposed rocky outcrop in the mid-forground and one of the ships IRB’s can be seen making its way across the water

Billy tells us of his experience with the first cruise ship. How much rope? Read more

The first elephant seal pup for the season, born on September 7th at Razorback West harem. It is to one side of its mother and is looking towards her

Life of an elephant seal and penguins galore! Read more

A Light-mantled Albatross on its nest

The albatross girls talk about their last weeks in the field. Special… Read more

Pebbles in four 20 litre buckets, ready to be carried up the track, in the background, to Wireless Hill. There are several gentoo penguins amongst the tussock at the base of the hill

Natalie talks about the progress of her project on the Azorella seed… Read more

Wim, in a yellow weather proof jacket, and Dominic, in a orange jacket, on the snow covered plateau, both carrying packs loaded with the coring kit

Three members from BAS (British Antarctic Survey) arrived on L'Astrolabe… Read more

L'Astrolabe, brightly painted red, white and blue, tied up at the wharf just prior to departure form Hobart

Dana tells us about L'Astrolabe journey and arrival on Macca. Also a… Read more

Hurd Point taken from the top of the Scree Jump-up. One can see the grey speckled patches on the point which is the thousands of birds in the huge royal penguin rookery. Hurd Point hut can be seen amongst the tussock just up from the beach on the bottom right of picture. Hundreds of elephant seal can also seen on the beach in front of the hut

The wonder of Hurd Point. Dave shows us the bridge repairs at Green Gorge. Read more

Underwater picture of an orca heading towards the surface — taken off a video

Greg’s once in a lifetime opportunity. Aaron compares the Macca vision… Read more

Looking west from the overland track across Major Lake with the ocean visible beyond

John takes us on a journey to the end of the island. Dave shows us a snap… Read more

Taken from one of the boats looking across the ‘glassy’ water at the escarpment just south of the Nuggets. There is patches of snow on the slopes and the tops are covered in misty cloud

A perfect day for boating. Aaron takes us through Macca hydroponics and… Read more

A wide panorama view of the snow covered plateau with Cody and Bail (terriers) standing in the snow on a slope with a hill behind them

A snowy week for MIPEP. Cake, cake and more cake. Some great picture in… Read more

A steel bracket recovered from a shipwreck site.

Macquarie Island artefacts. Chris takes us on a king penguin census. There… Read more

An historic image of the oil processing operation located at the Nuggets. Charles Anderson and Otto Bauer’s graves are located the left hand side of the shed just visible at the top of the image

Chris the ranger has a story about the island heritage. Read more

Angela Newport grasping a golf club (wood) addressing a yellow golf ball on the dark sands of Bauer Bay beach

Ange and Leona at Winy Ridge for the week. Macca Gallery for this week. Read more

Josh, at the bottom of the picture, amongst the tussock, next to a large rock stack, with the calm ocean in the background

Clive and Josh head south, Craig explores the southern parts of the east… Read more

Frozen lakes near Windy Ridge — taken from a high vantage points shows a snow covered landscape with some hills in the background a partially frozen lake on the left and a smaller lake on the right. Windy Ridge hut is near the shore of the smaller lake

Winter repairs for comms. Ele seal fence at Green Gorge and this week’s… Read more

Celebrating Dave’s birthday — The Macca bar area adorned with decorations with a frieze of letters across the front edge of the bar spelling ‘Happy Birthday Dave!'

Dave’s Birthday, A deep freeze in late July followed by some beautiful… Read more

The scene is of three kennels (made from drums) mostly buried in deep snow. Ange and a couple of the dogs digging out the snow from the kennels at Eitel hut

Ange’s Archeological Dig. World Environment Day — marine debris clean up… Read more

A water tank hut with an annex, aerial, decking and fuel containers on a grassy area with rock stacks and the west coast in the background

Aaron goes out rangering. MIPEP goes west and reflections and sunsets in… Read more

Looking up the scree slope of Gadgets Gully with the black poly water pipe running across the slope, slightly suspended above the surface. Water can be seen spraying from a leak in the pipe

The water supply is fixed. The fabulous weather at Macca. Some great… Read more

Karen, dressed in her yellow wet weather gear, and Finn shelter from a hail storm

MIPEP’s Mike and Tom tell us of their time in the field. The main Macca… Read more

Nick (mostly out of picture) Angela, Mike and Steve (with a red and purple mohawk wig) performing the Haka. Steve is holding the tug-o-war trophy; a replica of the ‘ashes’ urn.

Midwinter part 2: Tug-of-war rivalry between the ANZAC’s. Fantastic food… Read more

Nick checking his hand held weather instrument for ‘wind assistance'

Part 1 of midwinters celebrations at Macquarie Island include haggis… Read more

Aaron, Baz, Patty and Chef Tony at the top of Ham shack overlooking the station

Midwinters is on the way and Macca is preparing something big. The ballon… Read more

Dave, Craig, Aaron, John, Chef Toy and Clive the winning dart team standing together smilling and proud

Darts champions of the Antarctic and a report from Josh and Aaron who are… Read more

Patty wearing her yellow jacket and beanie looking down at Joker the dog who is a Springer spaniel looking up at Patty

Patty’s journey. We hear from Leona and Ange about life in the deep south. Read more

Chris, standing almost knee deep in mud and next to some unfinished boardwalk, pausing for a moment to work out the best way to get the job done

At Macquarie Island, a walking track is given an update and BOM… Read more

Craig standing at the bar holding a twisty

We celebrate Craig’s birthday, visit to the inner sanctum of hydroponics… Read more

Tom wearing a hat looking unhappy and wet standing outside in the rain. In the background is tussock and a mountainin

Chris and Patty take on heritage recovery excavation this week at Macca. Read more

Dave wearing his red jacket and backpack at standing leaning on his walking pole at the top of North head with a view of Macquarie island with very low laying clouds and the ocean in the background.

This week at Macca, stunning photos, a trip to North Head and ranger… Read more

People standing outside of the carpenters work shop holding a rope attached to the buggy

The Australia vs NZ challenge is on. Ranger and tradies also join forces… Read more

Many thousands of king penguins including chicks in soft downy feathers, standing shoulder to shoulder along a section of rugged coastline at Lusitania Bay. Being observed from a slope above the the colony by the ranger

This week Chris journeys south, Aaron takes us on the water for boating… Read more

Table set for dinner white table cloth candles a side plate with a bread roll and butter

Saturday Night Special. Chris the TASPWS Ranger on Marine debris. Barry… Read more

Several gentoo penguins ‘play nesting’ on the rugged west coast near Eagle Bay.

Chris, the TASPWS Ranger, gives us a heads up on the Macca bird count. We… Read more

Ange and Leona standing in grass field, both with survival gear and backpacks and the rodent dogs near Leona’s feet. The hills in the background slope steeply toward the coast

The MIPEP team are back on station and have written up reports on their… Read more

Two men dressed in Mexican theme outfits, Clive with a wide brimmed hat and a long hair wig, while Dave is wearing a broad moustache, sombrero and a curly black wig

Mexican and Chilean culture influences Saturday night dinner, the station… Read more

Aaron and Josh standing inside the hydroponics hut. There are two shelves with three rows of plastic hydroponic beds

Our first week at Macca we settle in and prepare for the next 12 months… Read more

A team of expeditioners unloading boxes into a store room

This week was exceptionally busy as we transfered the fuel from the ship… Read more

36 expeditioners, four males wearing wedding dresses

Macquarie Island is the last station to undergo resupply before the winter… Read more

Female expeditioner on a grassy slope in the distance

Preparations continue for the ship’s arrival. Spectacular landscape and… Read more

Female expeditioner barefoot in one of the bays with a seal watching on

As Macquarie Island prepares for resupply, the island is abuzz with… Read more

Two expeditioners on a steep slope, ocean in the background. Sunny day

An update on all projects from Macquarie Island. Read more

Fresh bread and scrolls on a table

Australia and Waitangi Day celebrated in style plus much more this week… Read more

Expeditioner walking along the coast with Royal penguins in the foreground

The MIPEP hunters review December in pics, the life of the island’s… Read more

Expeditioner and his dog posing for the camera, mountains in the background

MIPEP update, bird poo DNA — what it can tell us and much more on work and… Read more

Expeditioner with back pack high on a slope looking down on a hut and the coast line

The rolling, grassy and sometimes snowy hills and shores of Macquarie… Read more

Hunter walking down a steep grassy hill with two dogs

Macquarie Island’s rich and varied flora and fauna, including tourists! Read more

The Macca team on Christmas Day

Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve at Macca. Read more