Steve and Katie (the dog) on his lap

MIPEP hunters do it tough but get rewarded, tourists preparation is… Read more

Charles, Stu and Greg playing cards at Green Gorge

Updates on the usual work at Macca include a report on endemic orchids… Read more

Jack at Hurd Point indicating arrival of boats

At Macquarie Island, we carry on with vital work including pest… Read more

Jack and Ricco (dog) sit on a hill overlooking land and sea

Bird counting, Hurd Point and Caroline Cove visits, water sampling… Read more

Kelly at Petrel Peak

A spring snow dusts Macquarie Island while MIPEP hunters continue… Read more

Greg on the L'Astrolabe sailing out of Hobart

As the days grow warmer, so does the abundance of wildlife and people on… Read more

Lauren leaning against a hill

Macquarie Island always has plenty to offer with stories about ongoing… Read more

Stu and Mango at Gratitude Shelter

At Macca this week, the MIPEP team finda rabbit of sorts, expeditioners… Read more

Close up of Joker the dog

Dogs on rocks, people climbing things, animal husbandry, a seal pup milk… Read more

Steve with Katie the dog

At Macquarie Island, the work never stops. This week, the crew collects an… Read more

Kelly and Karen setting out on a miserable day

At Macca, baby birds and seals begin to appear and there is the usual… Read more

Stu, Dave S, Dave B and Matt at Hurd Point Hut

A tour through Hurd Point hut, wildlife gradually returns, surgical… Read more

Joker (dog) relaxing in the sun

Plumbing in the subantarctic, travels of the MIPEP team, stunning… Read more

2012 Macquarie Island wintering team

This week meet the largest penguins ever spotted on Macca, see the cutest… Read more

Kelly making her way up one of the West Coast slopes

A pesky sea lion irritates the huge elephant seals in an adorable way and… Read more

Lauren making bread at Waterfall Bay hut

This week at Macquarie Island: MIPEP ‘mail', a special ANARE hut relic… Read more

Dave at Hurd Point cooking breakfast

Picture after picture of wonder, wildlife and fairy tale landscapes, a… Read more

Karen weighing the dogs

The MIPEP team hits the road again, a meteorological impediment and a… Read more

Dave, Mango, Lauren and Stephen during search and rescue training

Macca’s hunters return, expeditioners delicately install a window and… Read more

Davis Point Hut

Macquarie Island’s rich, diverse flora and fauna (including the human and… Read more

Stephen taking a rest from digging

Macca updates you on all the usual goings on including, as always, unique… Read more

Expeditioner on a mountain

Macca has the usual reports and stunning photos as well as a new article… Read more

Kiwi’s v’s Aussies game 1 expeditioner tug-a-war

While your usual news correspondent and our intrepid station leader hikes… Read more

Maria (Chef) and Kelly at Midwinter celebrations

More midwinter celebration pics from Macquarie Island, a snapshot of life… Read more

Swimmers run to the water at Macquarie Island for the 2012 Midwinter swim

Macca celebrates Midwinter in style, updates us on work on the island and… Read more

Group shot of the 2012 Macca team

If you're lusting after stunning photos of the subantarctic and its… Read more

Expeditioner walking across a snow covered section of Macquarie Island

Surfing, seafood and sorry shirts are on show this week at Macca with a… Read more

Robby and Jim on their way to Bauer Bay

This week’s fun entry from Macquarie Island is brought to you by Mel Van… Read more

Expeditioner looking out to the horizon and water from Macquarie Island

Ranger update, medical training, pest eradication, station social… Read more

Maria dressed in fire fighting uniform

This week at Macca, we get some fire training, hunt ‘wabbits', provide… Read more

Maria, Colin and Matt walking up Gadgets

Field ‘famil’ training, the Macca daily work routine, what we really get… Read more

2012 Macquarie Island expeditioners attending fire training in Hobart

The 2012 Macquarie Island team have arrived, bringing supplies. Read more

A surfing beauty — cake with surfer on top made by Belinda

Last birthday for the departing team, ANZAC Day, resupply and a warm… Read more

Five school students and their teacher hold a map of Macquarie Island.

A subantarctic class room, remediation, an Easter holiday and our favorite… Read more

An Arty Farty art connoisseur

Art, boat trips, ham radio and birthdays Read more

Blackboard announcement of St Patrick’s dinner

St Patrick’s day celebrations, wildlife and more stunning auroras. Read more

Part of the Hurd Point royal penguin colony

Royalty, wanderers, sunsets and the good life in a hut. Read more

The beginnings of a stunning night, a view over the Isthmus

Stunning photos of the recent auroras and a very special culinary birthday. Read more

Long shot of orange boat on water with land in background

Boating, island bird population increase and kitchen stripping on… Read more

New Zealand fur seal at the southern end of the island

Fur seals, history and hidden beauty on Macquarie Island. Read more

Dan and Tony assembling the frames in Windy Ridge hut

Mt Jeffryes’ repeater site receives some needed repairs, a seal doesn’t… Read more

Starting out — lots of grass to cut to get those paths clear

It has been a busy week cutting the grass, hosting visitors and… Read more

Removing grass seeds from a dogs head

Out in the field there are challenges and pleasures… Read more

Claudia taking a photo of a rabbit exclosure

It has been a busy week at Macquarie Island, with work and the combined… Read more

Wandering Albatross (26 years old)

Albatross, hydroponics, a MIPEP update and a birthday. Read more

Flowering Pleurophyllum — one of the mega-herbs

Summer flora and fauna, tourist ships, and a birthday. Read more

The Orion offshore from Sandy Bay

Cruise ships, a theatre exercise and a brewing competition. Read more

Deck the halls with boughs of Holly!

Season celebrations, birthdays, a quiz night and spring cleaning. Read more