Macca updates you on all the usual goings on including, as always, unique and breathtaking images.

Macquarie Island Pest Eradication Project

One week to go before the MIPEP team is back on station. It’s been a long month in the field for the guys, gals and canines (five weeks to be exact) with no warm decent showers, no washing machines, no internet, phones or emails. The station’s bandwidth will be at an all time high when the team walk through the Macca gates next Friday (28th).

Ranger In charge

Weekly update from Richard, Ranger in Charge

Richard is currently working south of the island and has reported back with the following updates:

  • The grey petrel chicks continue to grow and new breeding areas are being located by MIPEP hunters.
  • Landslips have been recorded after recent rain and snow falls.
  • Track reroutes and improvements continue to minimise damage and improve safety.

More updates next week. Stay tuned!


Why is it things come in threes?

  1. The heater at Waterfall Bay decided to pack it in and Tom our plumber had to walk a total of 70km, half of it with a new heater on his back, to restore heat to the hut.
  2. While attending to the monthly fire alarm tests, the hi-fog system activated in the main power house, the result, water everywhere.
  3. Electronic issues at Davis Point Hut although we don’t think Mango complained about going to this stunning location on the west coast to repair the problems.

Back to normal next week, we hope!

“In a former life I was an archaeologist, and so with this hat on I went forth this week to Bauer Bay to conduct a heritage survey of the area.

Unfortunately an inconvenient snowfall overnight made it hard to see surface artefacts, but did make everything look very pretty.

Part of the survey involved trekking out to see a lonely old boiler, stuck amongst tussock between the beach and the featherbed. It appreciated the visit as it doesn’t see many people.

The track home on Saturday led through sunshine and snow flurries, over feldmark and past the partly-frozen Island Lake, all looking very photogenic indeed.” Mel Van Twest

Emergency response training

Every month the team takes time out from their regular works program to refresh their emergency response skills.

During the past two weeks we’ve completed a station search exercise and a refresher on wearing breathing apparatus. The station search exercise involved looking for a ‘Mr Finklestein’, an 85 year old tourist from a visiting ship. ‘Mr F’, as we affectionately called him, thought life at Macquarie Island would be more interesting than his life back home so he decided to hide out. He enjoyed station life for an hour only as that’s all it took before our team located him at Garden Cove. We sent ‘Mr F’ packing.


Last Friday night the team decided to ease into the weekend with a quiet social BBQ and the brief appearance of two very talented musicians currently residing at Macquarie Island.

Most musically tuned-in people wouldn’t expect the saxophone and drums to sound so well together,  and yes it would surprise most, however when you have the right mix of experience, somehow, it works. Thanks to Narelle and Stephen, those present were witnessed to some awesome unique sounds.

During the evening Jim was awarded a trophy for winning the guessing competition which was sponsored by TasPaws. Jim correctly guessed the number of green 20cm string found on Bauer Bay beach for the month of June. Can’t remember the answer but it was well over 1000. The correct answer should have been ‘too many’.

Macquarie Island wildlife

Moments in time

July, 1971

  • More improvements. Des Parker over the past few months has grown flowers and shrubs down in the biology laboratory. All were brought up today to “Ye Olde Sealers Inne” in their large wooden garden enclosure (by tractor).
  • Slushy duties go steadily along — some carry them out more assiduously than others, but on the whole I am reasonably satisfied.

July 1985

  • Movie tonight “Cuckoo In The Nest” silly but funny.

July 1996

  • The day’s big event was a music festival organised by Pete and Ray in the evening. Everyone provided their favourite songs which was listened to with appreciation and attention until Jerry Lee Lewis took over — a blast from the 50’s and got everyone dancing literally on the tables. A great night was enjoyed by all. Everyone on station participated fully but not until a very late hour — the last to go to bed did so before 0200.
  • 3 degrees today and little wind — so inspired by the weather Warren came to lunch in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. Dave and Paul ‘ran’ to Green Gorge in under 3 hours, taking Bob a bottle of whisky (to replace the one that broke in his pack yesterday, soaking its contents) to celebrate 200 dead cats (actually 202 up to last night). Dave came back after a break (also in under 3 hours) while PK stayed for a share of the grog tonight.
  • The Wednesday Night Wine Club meeting was quiet until it was decided to watch again, the Blues Brothers on the big screen. A few pairs of dark glasses and black hats appeared, and this classic film was much enjoyed yet again.

Macquarie Island scenery