Macca has the usual reports and stunning photos as well as a new article that gives you a peek at station life in the past.

Macquarie Island Pest Eradication Project

The MIPEP team members have been back in the field for a few weeks with the weather ranging from very cold windy, snowy days through to a few days where there wasn’t a breath of wind to be felt accompanied with clear blue skies. That particular night the team all headed out late to spotlight to make the most of the perfect conditions. They all remarked the moon was so bright they didn’t need to use artificial light.

Pete K reported the team covered 2233 Kms in June (and it was a short rostered month for the team). That’s a lot of hills, slopes and tussock grass to step over.

Ranger In Charge

Richard, Macca’s Ranger in Charge, recounts some of the past few weeks activities and observations whilst working in the field :

  • Marine debris survey/clean up
  • Bird counts
  • Grey petrel monitoring
  • Wandering albatross monitoring
  • PWS Hut inventory audit
  • 70m double planking overland track

A snow cornice collapsed near the top of Gadgets Gulley due to the pressure of snow weight, some earth slippage resulted but no wildlife was impacted. A small rockfall in Gadgets Gulley was reported at the end of June.

An Earthquake at Macca at 1555 Friday 22nd June registered 6.1 and was located approx 150km from Macca, 50km deep. No damage was recorded although a few items in the Greenstore, Woollies, offices, dongas and field huts were knocked off shelves.

Over 500 starlings were reported on 28th June as part of the monthly bird count, this included 300+ at Bauer Bay and 200+ at Hanspike Point. MIPEP staff reported starlings using caves near Bauer Bay for roosts.

Light-mantled Sooty Albatross : All Juveniles observed on nests/roosts have now fledged.

On the 15th June, MIPEP hunter Stuart discovered a new grey petrel breeding site south of Green Gorge Hut. On searching the site on the same day, the RIC discovered seven nests.

Work on station

While we all have our regular daily tasks to perform there’s often a ‘special’ community job which brings everyone together. 

During the week, Chef Maria called for volunteers to wash and dry 40+ boxes of potatoes. We're hoping this will ensure the ‘spuds’ will last us through to resupply, or close to it. Eight volunteers stepped forward to assist with the task which took most of the day.

A few days earlier, a team of 6 worked together to replace every fire extinguisher on station. Out with the old outdated ones, in with the new.   Even ‘Gus’ the dog stopped by during his daily walk to see if he could assist.

Tom, our resident plumber, received a call during the week from Dave and Kelly who are currently residing at Waterfall Bay. The heater in the hut stopped working which meant Tom had to grab one from station which was too big for Waterfall Bay. He walked the station heater to Hurd Point, swapped over the heater at HP Hut, then carried that heater to Waterfall Bay. In total walking over 70km with a heater in his pack. You know who your friends are when you pick up your pack and realise it’s even heavier than anticipated. When Tom checked the contents of his pack, he found 5 very large rocks!


Last Saturday night, the mess was renamed Lucky’s Authentic Vietnamese Diner and it wasn’t long before word spread around town of its opening. Every resident of Maccatown booked a table for opening night and what a social occasion it was. The Who’s Who of Maccatown were present. It was a place to be seen and noticed.

Moments in time

Ever wondered what it was like at Macquarie Island 20+ years ago?

Commencing this week we are introducing a new segment to This Week at Macquarie Island titled Moments in Time. We will look back at the old station logs and publish some of the interesting comments and occurrences from all those years ago. Some things have changed, or have they?

6th to 13th July, 1991

  • Weather overcast, rainy but still warm. Saturday duties today plus the start on the refurbishment of the showers in S.A.D.
  • Roast lamb for dinner — we won darts match against Campbell Island 10 : 3
  • Doctor Helen commenced monthly medicals, all have put on weight.
  • Did a recce on North Head for tomorrow’s SAR exercise. Selected site for me to meet with an accident.

6th to 13th July, 1998

  • Mick W did a huge amount of repacking and re-banding RTA cargo for V1 and in the process caught a large 5kg male cat at Granny’s Walk.
  • The day concluded with a movie… “The Attack of the Killer Bimbos”
  • Fort Knox had a clean-up, reorganised and inventory today. The Fosters Beer is very unpopular and is rarely being drunk, even when a carton is put out each week. Nonetheless it will probably be consumed when all other brands of beer are depleted.

Macca wildlife

Scenic Macca photos