Our first week at Macca we settle in and prepare for the next 12 months plus share our lives in photos including some of the beautiful sights of Macquarie Island.

Settling in

After the Aurora Australis left, most of the new expeditioners had a couple of days quiet time. This time was used mainly to organise and settle into our rooms, which will be our homes for the next 12 months.

Time was also spent cleaning up and organising the residual pallets that were left around station and in the green store.

It has also been a busy time with briefings, familiarisation and inductions of station buildings, equipment, machinery and community. Two important briefs were about station limits and limitations whilst out in the field in this wonderful World Heritage Park. 

We have all received our survival packs, which are to be carried at all times when out of station limits. The field training program has commenced with most of the MIPEP people completing their field training, including the last few day down island.

On a couple of nights, when the sky cleared we were able to witness a aurora australis (southern lights). For many it was the first time to see this event. 

Needless to say we are all excited about living in and exploring this beautiful place. 

Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife

Chris is our park ranger and today he came across a couple of pictures of the artefact corral which is next to the green store. These pictures were taken in 2009 which was pre rabbit eradication. Out of interest a couple of pictures taken today to show the difference.


After re-supply and the departure of BOB, we have had a little more time to explore the grandeur of our immediate surroundings. The scenery is astounding and beautiful. The light changes with the weather and shows a different perspective of the terrain.  


Along with the scenery, the wildlife is so abundant, diverse and special.