Macquarie Island is the last station to undergo resupply before the winter season commences. We say goodbye to the summer crew, welcome the winterers and resupply the station and huts.

2012/13 summer expeditioners

With the Aurora Australis currently at Macquarie Island resupplying the station and field huts, the 2012 expeditioners are about to depart and hand over the station to the 2013 team. We, the 2012 wish the 2013 team a fun, successful and memorable year. Some of us ‘may’ see you next year.

2013 Macquarie Island resupply

With 2013 Macquarie Island resupply underway, the atmosphere on station is hectic and exciting. Below is a taste of what’s currently occurring. Next week we’ll have many more photos to publish!

Until then…