A day trip to North Head, terns take a dip, inaugural salon opening and playing in the rain, all at Macca this week

A burrow call on North Head

Once the field operation recess to establish search and rescue capability was lifted here at Macca, our resident wintering scientist Jez took the opportunity to get out onto North Head at the top of the island.

Much of Jez’s work is concerned with the breeding success of species of petrel that have been declining in numbers over recent years. He and Field Training Officer, Rich, visited several localities to collect and download acoustic monitors that he had placed near the entrance to Grey Petrel burrows. These sea birds come back to colonies on the island during April as they are winter breeders which means they can only be studied at this time.

One Good Tern

Open all hours

One of the things that you do miss over the course of a year is a decent haircut. This week our Deputy Station Leader, Building Services Supervisor, Carpenter and Librarian Tim also showed his skill as a capable (or is that culpable) hairdresser.

Pumping water in the rain

What else is there to do in the wind and rain but test the newly serviced auxiliary fire pump here at Macca.

Fire Chief Danielle organised a quick trial of the system that can be used to provide a backup water supply should it be needed.