This week at Macca, the team officially took over duties following a successful resupply and we celebrated our first Island birthday.

Resupply and official station handover

After our arrival at Macca last Friday 17 March, this week the new Macca winter team continued on with the very important resupply operation.

Over a very busy nine day period, more than 60 staff, two helicopters and multiple watercraft ensured the resupply operation was successfully completed mid–afternoon Sunday 26th March.

All key operational objectives were achieved and the station is now fully restocked with necessary fuel and cargo to see us through the season. In addition, over 20 science projects spent many hours conducting research across the island achieving important outcomes.

As the last of the resupply team returned to the Aurora Australis on Sunday afternoon, it was with both excitement and sadness that we sent off our friends and colleagues via the traditional flare show.

With the Aurora’s departure, the new Macca winter team officially commenced duties. Along with myself, the team includes:

Dave Brett — Building Services Supervisor

Jan Wallace — Doctor

Geoff Wallace — Electrician

Lionel Whitehorn — Senior Mechanical Supervisor

Wayne Scandrett — Plumber

Tom Luttrell — Station Communications Technical Officer

Nick Baker — Chef

Andrea Turbett — Ranger In Charge, Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service

Penny Pascoe — Wildlife Ranger, Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service

Emily Mowat — Research Assistant, Albatross & Giant Petrel Research Program

Melanie Wells — Research Assistant, Albatross & Giant Petrel Research Program

Matt Westbury — Senior Observer, Bureau of Meteorology

Kerri Barber — Observer/Meteorologist, Bureau of Meteorology

Emry Thaggard–Crocker — Technical Officer/Observer, Bureau of Meteorology

Over the coming editions of Station News, you will hear more about each of these amazing individuals that make up our team.

Since the official handover of duties, our first week on the island has been busy! We have settled into our new accommodation, explored the station limits, started official duties in our various workplaces and undergone various induction briefings including fire, search and rescue and from the Parks and Wildlife Service.

Wednesday night saw us celebrating our first birthday on the island, with a Mexican themed night for our Bureau of Meteorology Technical Officer/Observer, Emry. Even the erstwhile Antarctic Division mascot ’Stay Here’ got in on the action!

In closing this week’s edition, I’d like to express our grateful thanks to all the Antarctic Division staff who helped make the resupply operation so successful. Whilst there were far too many people involved to mention them individually, it is a timely reminder of the depth of talent and experience within the Antarctic Division, who always ensure things get done despite many operational and logistical challenges. Even more so, it highlights the strong sense of community and esprit de corps that binds us all together in a shared vision to support scientific endeavours across Antarctica and Macquarie Island.

Kyle Williams — Station Leader, Macquarie Island 70th ANARE