In this edition of Macquarie Island station news, we feature a day in the life of chef Nick Baker and get to know winter expeditioner Emry Thaggard Crocker

A day in the life of the Macca chef

(Editors note: To fully appreciate the humour and effort put into the following text, translate via Cockney rhyming slang).

My alarm goes off around 5.30 and after a quick David Gower it’s off down the Apples and Pears, out through the Bobby Moore and into the kitchen. There I start the days Poppy Red. While it proves I grab an Everton Toffee to wake myself up, followed by a slice or two of Holy Ghost for breakfast. I then shape my loaves of Poppy Red and bake them off. Sometimes I will cook some Borra and Begs with Bangers for my work Chinas, but usually they fix their own breakfast. I then knock up some Kick Starts, Pies or Banger Rolls for Day’s Dawnin’ tea before starting Kidney Punch. This is often fresh Loop-de-Loop and the Poppy Red I baked that Day’s Dawning. I also fill up the salad bar with Soft Boiled Borra and Begs, salads, cold meats, John Cleese and dips. Kidney punch starts when the Dickory Red Sock says Noon.

There is often leftover Sexton Blake from the previous nights Jim Skinner an all. Once everything is Billie Jeaned it is Nickel and Dime for a break. Often this means an hour in the Fatboy Slim followed by a nice hot David Gower, or I might Bowl of Chalk to the beach for a Butchers hook at the Richard the Bleedin’ Thirds. Back at Kathy Burke, it’s time to get the evenings Tommy Tucker ready. Often there is a Ruby Murray and a Lillian Gish dish. We also have two Kevin Keegans and a Vegetarian on station, and they have a separate dish. It all gets finished up with some Jockeys Whips, vegetables and then a fresh Sexton Blake and Custard. I finish work when we all sit down to eat. I can then have a George Best and a Pigs Ear while the others wash up. No getting Brahms and Liszt though. My apologies for Rabbit and Porking to you like a plonker. My Guvnor made me do it.

Nick Baker — Chef/Chief Comedian/Cockney Slang Subject Matter Expert, 70th ANARE Macquarie Island


70th ANARE winter expeditioner profile: Emry Thaggard Crocker

Name: Emry Thaggard Crocker

What is your occupation on Macca? Describe the main responsibilities of your role on the island.

Technical Officer. Maintenance and upkeep of all Bureau of Meteorology equipment and external science projects.

What are your secondary / community jobs on Macca?

Fire chief, WHS officer, and gym manager. Also clown…

Where are you from?

Originally from Fiji, but I call Perth home now.

What is your normal job back in the ‘real world'?

Hobo, but on occasion something technical related.

Have you been to Macca or other Antarctic stations previously?

Been down to Casey from 2014–2016. First time to the Iron Islands tho (Macca).

What was your main motivation in coming to Macca for 2017?

Penguins, penguins, penguins, seals, and hiking.

List some of your favourite aspects of life on Macca so far:

Apart from the above, eating, working on new science instruments, and imaginary seal wrestling.

What are some of the most challenging things about living on Macca?


What Macca animal do you feel represents you best and why?

Orca, because it’s bad ass.

What is the one thing you miss most whilst on the island?

Chicken nuggets.

What do you NOT miss about normal life whilst on the island?

Sunday drivers, Trump and the news.

What do you like doing outside of work on Macca?

Hiking, gym, and taking photos of wildlife.

Name your go-to snack whilst out in the field?

Whatever Mat Westbury has in his bag. Or muesli bars.

Identify your favourite piece of AAD (Australian Antarctic Division) — issued kit?

AAD issue water bottle.

One thing you wish you had packed but didn’t?

Nothing, this place has more than I need.

Is there anyone you would like to give a shout-out to back at home?

My Family and to all my mates in Perth.