Anzac Day celebrated in the farthest corners of Australia

Anzac day on Macca

The Macquarie Island crew was given a brief respite of sunshine from the typically overcast and rainy weather to conduct a small dawn service to commenorate this Anzac Day. Although still windy, the station gathered around our flag pole to remember all the Australian and New Zealand service men and women who have died and endured suffering through the course of war.

Afterwards we returned to the mess to enjoy a gunfire breakfast and Anzac biscuits, watch a slideshow of current and retired service men and women put together by Brad and listen to some stories graciously shared by members of the crew, including a recorded Anzac Day message to the Macca crew, from Keith Payne (VC).

A remembrance wall was installed in our mess for expeditioners to display friends and family that had served and it was interesting to see just how many connections there were, both past and present.

We passed the rest of the day watching a few Anzac movies or playing a friendly game of two up in the green store using specially made Macca money, our chef Kim completely cleaning up and raising over $100 for Legacy.