Bon voyage escapees and welcome to all new comers

Our summer season starts

The Aiviq cruised in last week to collect eight expos and deliver some much needed fresh supplies and parts. There were also much anticipated Red Cross parcels from family and friends. Sad to see our comrades leave, while 17 new comers have boosted our numbers to 30 plus.

Our usual Macca climate welcomed the boat with winds in excess of 30kts which postponed operations till the next day. Our rangers were flat out herding the seals and weaners away from the boat ramp and the roads or under vehicles who were there to welcome the summer expos.

We have been busy getting the place spick and span for all the newcomers. When operations started, our boats and crew were busy safely transferring passengers and supplies, and with the ship dropping off a LARC, this made the job so much easier to transfer cargo.

Thanks to the eight leaving, for a job well done, building huts and keeping the station running. They will be missed as they head back to civilisation now that they have left our compound.

Everyone is settling into their new roles, as well as wandering around the island exploring and photographing. Meanwhile Adam is busy doing field training for the new expeditioners so that we can safely go out into the field. Annette has a lot on her plate with many mouths to feed cooking up salubrious meals.

Cheers Gary