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Jim's Mr Fix-its on Macca

For all your Southern Ocean heating needs call Jim’s Gas and Heating (Macquarie Island) - Jim’s most southerly located franchise.

* Local specialists available now

* Service within 1 hour (plus approx. 3/4 days)

* 24/7 service (no weekends/nights)

* 0% interest free options

* Fixed price guarantee

The call was received about a lack of heating at Hurd Point and straight away, well, a few days later, Jim's team jumped into action. Matt, Harley and Dan set out on a crisp Sunday morning to make their way down to Hurd Point, with a quick one-night stay at Waterfall Bay, to retrieve the replacement heater.

After a restful night, some delicious focaccias, cramp-reducing extra salty dumplings and a frankly unhealthy amount of cheese, they pushed on, with Harley heroically strapping the heater to his back for the final leg.

The heating was restored in record time so all that was left was to soak up the surroundings of Hurd Point and meet some of the locals. On our return leg we met up with another crew; "Jim’s Bridge and Walkway Repair" (Jarrod and Urs) on their way to another callout to repair the bridge over Red River, another job well done.

For all your southern island service needs Jim’s Macquarie Island has got you covered.*

*No weekends.