We christen the refurbished cinema

Movie Night at Macca

On Macca the common spaces are few, and the ones that we do have were designed for a smaller station population.

When there was a need to have an all station video hook-up with Kingston, the only place we could accomodate all of the expeditioners was in the mess.

Part of the modernisation project for Macca included a refurbishment of the library/cinema, to enable us to accommodate the whole station for video meetings and for movie nights.

Work commenced with a mammoth effort by Dr Dane to consolidate the library books, which then allowed for the shelving to be re-located to the external walls and the removal of shelving in the floor space. A new door was cut into the gym, and the old doorway was filled in. Next the cabling for the speakers was re-run and the audio-visual gear had a new home made for them, the projector was re-located and a new space was created big enough for the whole station to be able to attend meetings.

Of course the opening of such a nice new space requires the necessary pomp and ceremony, so an opening ceremony was held for the cinema, in the cinema. It was a red carpet (well, red table cloth) affair, with pizza for dinner, followed by a movie.

The movie was chosen by popular vote and “The Nice Guys” was the winner. No trip to the cinema is complete unless accompanied by choc-tops and popcorn, provided by Kim the chef.

Complete with big screen advertising and previews of the up-and-coming movies of yesteryear, the movie was watched and the night enjoyed by all.