Keeping the station together, literally

For a quick stitch up see Billy's Bogan Repairs!

Feel like a stitch up?

Billy’s your girl.

Welcome to ‘Billy’s Bogan Repair services’, where Billy is bringing ‘Bogan back’.

No stitch up job is too big or too small. ‘Billy’s Bogan Repair Service’ is a one stop shop.

Want a thousand patches on your over trousers to keep them going for ‘just one more trip’?

See 'Billy’s Bogan Repair Services’.

After a hard year do you need your sole (soul?) stuck back together?

Or perhaps you want a pocket on a pocket on the hole in your jeans?

See ‘Billy’s Bogan Repair Services’.

Or why not try Billy’s sister business…’Billy’s Bogan Bespoke Services’.

Want your old holey jeans turned into bespoke one off, ‘no one else will have a pair like yours’ jean shorts? (long shorts or short shorts no problem)

Or perhaps a small travel pillow? (Perfectly fits those aeroplane pillows you may accidentally find make their way into your handbag…)

Or how about a ‘Mr Hanky’? (A specialty item monogrammed and multi-purpose hanky for field or station)

Open all hours but often closed, ‘Billy’s Bogan Repair Services’ (and sister business ‘Billy’s Bogan Bespoke Services’) are here for all your stitch up needs.

When Billy is not slaving over the sewing machine doing stitch ups, she can be found moonlighting as the Field Training Officer (and the Queen of Yhatzee and Backgammon) here at Macca.

From Billy and your friendly neighbourhood Macca team