More pictures, less words

A few of Brownie's favourite photos

Hello again from Macca.

For the 74th ANARE we are in the final count down with Nuyina heading south to Davis to pick up a couple of helicopters and then head to the green sponge for the annual resupply.

This is a short and sweet type of Station Update this week, referring to what a great philosopher once said “a picture is worth a thousand words”. So if all of the photos make the cut I should have around 15,000 words plus what I have in here!

So without me waffling on endlessly about how much I have enjoyed being on this small slice of land, the pics attached should tell the story of some of the experiences I have had. Oh, and I still haven’t had a jolly down the island yet (Editor: Not true. He's had heaps!!).

Thanks for the memories Macca! Hopefully I get the opportunity to return one day and witness it all again sometime in the future.

From Brownie the Plumber and your friendly Macca crew. Until next week ...