This week marks one month since the summer crew arrived

Cruisey times

This week marks the one month (roughly) anniversary of the new summerer’s of Macquarie Island arrival on station. All summer expeditioners have now completed field training and all seem eager to get straight back out into the field. Everyone is settling into station life quite well and now that we are settled into our roles at Macca, we have begun planning and rolling out more social events like ding nights, darts, pool and cooking competitions!

We have also been blessed in the past few weeks with some amazing clear skies which also means late nights at the Ham Shack, watching the auroras appearing from behind random clouds and dancing across the night skies. It’s quite an unreal sight to see for the first time. Sure your fingers get cold and stiff trying to get the best photo possible, but is it worth it… YEP!!!

This week also marks the first cruise ship to Macquarie Island since pre covid times. Making an appearance behind the nuggets first thing in the morning, the Heritage Adventurer slowly made its way in Buckles Bay, where she dropped anchor for the afternoon. Unloading the IRB’s which then transported tourists to and from the ship, who were then greeted by many happy elephant seals pups and some very, very curious king penguins. Sadly our expeditioners were not able to welcome the visitors to station due to covid restrictions, however the rangers oversaw the visit outside under covid safe distances with masks.

So strange to have clear blue skies and an average temperature of 7 degrees; the day couldn’t have gotten any better… but it did!!

Upon returning to the ship, the IRB’s were lucky enough to be safely escorted a short distance by a pod of the local orcas… unreal!!