Au revoir et bons voyages (goodbye and safe travels in French). This week our Station Supply Officer looks back on the visit of the L'Astrolabe

L'Astrolabe visits Macca

It was a sad day as the station saw the departure of our two plumbers (Mark and Tom) as well as Magnetic Matt from Geoscience Australia and Silvio from ARPANSA.

Each of these expeditioners has worked hard during their time on station, but have also brought many laughs and some great culinary experiences (Silvio is a stand out in this regard).

The vessel to take them back home is the French Naval ship L’Astrolabe, but before they get to step foot back on to the dock at Hobart they are heading south to the French Antarctic station of Dumont D’Urville. During the voyage I imagine there will be many tastings of French wine and pastries and the chance to watch the World Cup final with some avid French football supporters.

During the two hours the L’Astrolabe was out in Buckles Bay, it brought our replacement plumber Solano as well as essential supplies for station (our station Mechanic Gary is very happy to sesupplies of Adblue arrive).

Another welcome sight was the delivery of mail for the expeditioners staying on station. In these packages are gifts for Christmas and essentials needed for the coming months.

In finalising I would like to say a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to our four departing expeditioners.

Brad (Station Supply Officer).