Macca expeditioner's holiday thoughts

A Christmas special

This week's station update cannot be anything other than a collective recap on arguably one of the most festive times of the year. No doubt, it can be a challenging time when you are living remotely; the distance from loved family and friends can pull at our heart strings as they come together back home, or the annual road or camping trips get underway, or whatever the holiday season ritual may be. So, to launch the end of 2021 all 18 of us here at Macca turned up the dial to make up for being away from home. To capture this from everyone's perspective I simply asked 'what was your favourite part of Christmas and New Year?

Tony (Bureau of Meteorology technician): Excitedly. NYE was the best! We had Karaoke and I really loved singing "things you don't say to your wife".

Will: (BoM observer): I enjoyed the good weather over the period and getting out and about on station.

Ro (Wildlife ranger): It was all good! The Christmas dinner was amazing and the NYE festivities....the Fashion Parade and Talent show.

Billy (Field training officer): The Christmas tree and lights are my favourite plus I was so happy when Santa came to visit in a wheelbarrow accompanied by four fabulous elves. Oh, and then there was my entry in the Fashion Parade where it was all about layers this year. From Milan to Macquarie Island, the more layers, the better.

Scottish (Chippy): I don't answer questions (I think Scottish is enjoying watching Mr In-Between ATM).

Kim (Wildlife ranger): The Fashion Parade was the best! My concept was Like A Chameleon always changing but Conrad's dad jokes were equally entertaining like "How do you impress a country girl? A tractor!!

Mark (Sparky): Chuckles. The Talent quest went off. Brittany Spears was epic and then the purple leotard was unforgettable and really made my calf muscles pop. Everyone got together and had a dig and had a great time. Real comradery.

Conrad (Chippy): The whole experience was a very enjoyable day and I felt like I was at home with my family. The secret Santa and sharing of presents that people made was special and all the beautiful food that Nick prepared.

Jeff (Communications technician): ponders out the window for a minute. I'd say that seeing the uplift in people's happiness and wellbeing over the period. People were happy.

Lewis (Sparky): Laughs and says Santa straining to accommodate all the lap-sitting!! At times Santa needed to sit on a person's lap to help with the load.

Ray (Chippy): The secret Santa present opening. It was great to see effort people made on their gifts and the pleasure that each expressed as they unwrapped their presents. And the gourmet food!

Mark (Dieso): That's a hard one.

Brownie (Plumber): crickets.

Derek (Station Leader): I loved the relaxing vibe on Xmas day; it was cruisy, and we didn't overdo it. Then the New Year Eve shenanigans were fun, the Fashion Parade (including my blue steel look) and the Talent show.

Rob (Dr): Thinks deeply. I think I like the vibrant, colourful, and positive spirits of everyone. The good guys won. Christmas won. By the end of the night, even the Christmas grinches had a glint in their eyes and a smile on their face. Any resistance to the Christmas spirit melted away under the kindest peer pressure .....and they loved it.

Nick (Chef): Without the slightest hesitation. It's done and I'm glad it's over. I have a cool rolling pin.

Ryan (Storeman): The food. I couldn't move after both feasts, but I especially loved Christmas dinner.

Layla (BOM Officer in Charge) Lastly, my favourite moment was being able to decorate gingerbread people on Christmas Eve! This was a first for me so with a glass of fine Chablis in my hand, an amazing Christmas tree lighting up the mess and being surrounded by laughter and banter, I paused and thought to myself, wow this is pretty special and I'm feeling the love. So, what a sensational week it was with everyone putting in a stellar effort and showing up in ways that mattered.

Cheers from Layla and your friendly neighbourhood Macca team.