Bureau of Meteorology expeditioners Evelyn and Sean share pictures of their recent trip to Hurd Point.

Evelyn and Sean’s trip to Hurd Point

Bureau of Meteorology weather observer Evelyn and electronics technician Sean have been eagerly anticipating an opportunity to get down to Hurd Point at the southern end of the island. Last week, they were able to take advantage of a scheduled break in their rostered workload to make the multi-day return walk.

Hurd Point, the southernmost point in Australia (less the external territories) is home to the biggest royal penguin colony on the island and has spectacular coastal scenery. The comfortable coastal hut also has the best view of all our coastal huts!

Expeditioners took some spectacular photos at Hurd Point and en route, and here they share some with us.

Thanks Ev and Sean!

Macca photo gallery

Our king penguins are relatively late summer breeders, unlike most birds here, who rear their chicks all through the following winter. Their chicks hatch in mid January and are at a photogenic stage now.