Field familiarisations start for the new winterers, our first aurora over station and a visit to see the king penguin chicks, whilst our furry neighbour still visits us.

Field familiarisations start

For all new expeditioners to the island (or if one hasn’t been here within the last three years) we need to do an island familiarisation trip to follow up on our pre-departure field & SAR (search and rescue) training.

Ranger-in-charge Chris Howard is trip leader for these outings as he knows the island well, having spent two years here consecutively with ANARE 66 & 67 and now eagerly back for more. These trips aim to give us our first introduction to the island terrain and plateau weather, as well as inductions to the use of field huts. It is also important for us all to be field familiar in case we have a SAR situation.

Group one were out last week — Dr Helen, Met Tech/Obs George and Electrician Ben. Please see separate story for George’s pics.

Group two are out this week — Snr Met Observer Alison, Plumber Glenn and Chef Rocket. Yes, somehow we manage to survive here on station without Rocket (full disclosure: he has cooked ahead and all we have to do is reheat…)

Out in the field — pics from George

Here’s a selection of George’s pictures from the walk — captions are his.

Our furry neighbour is still around

Our fur seal neighbour is still coming and going from his resting place as he (or she) pleases. Very ninja though — none of us have yet to see him/her actually on the move.

Aurora over station

We had perfect conditions the other night for a beautiful green aurora that danced all across the sky. George was organised enough (and talented enough) to have his camera out and ready. I could only stare and wonder.

King penguin chicks

We are lucky enough to have a king penguin colony living down the beach in extended station limits. They are still tending to their chicks, who have a lot of moulting ahead of them still…