Resupply comes to an end and all leave except for the new wintering crew, who have two birthdays to celebrate. An unexpected furry expeditioner joins the crew.

And then there were 15

L'Astrolabe left us early on Thursday morning taking the 68th ANARE and all the round trippers with her. Due to winds, it was an early start to the day — all were loaded and the ship was on its way over the horizon by 0815. That left 15 of us winterers here on the island ready to start our year-long adventure.

Fortunately we had some returnees who knew that the correct procedure was to head up the hill to the ‘Ham Shack’ for the traditional flare farewell salute to the ship (this has the additional purpose of using up our out-of-date flares).

New neighbour

This little guy chose the middle of resupply to move on to station and set up his napping place under the back stairs to the surgery — completely unphased by our comings and goings.

How to move a heavy, awkward item uphill

High winds the day before departure meant we couldn’t do any cargo ops so our watercraft operators got bored enough to take our new NBN dish-base up Wireless hill — all 51 kg of it. We're all very grateful winterers as that’s one less task for us to do!

Double birthday celebrations

To start off the year, we had a double birthday to celebrate with Meteorological Observer, Marty, and Wildlife Ranger, Marcus, sharing a birthday on Friday. They called it a 21st as there are 21 years between them. Chef Rocket went all out creating cakes including some fondant sculpture and our giant version of Jenga got a workout.

It was a quiet station the next day…