Macquarie Island welcomes L'Astrolabe and commences resupply.

Voyage four resupply 2016

Resupply voyage four point one (V4.1) finally made it to Macquarie Island Tuesday evening after a couple of delays due to weather, and a bumpy ride on the French ship L’Astrolabe.

It was too late to offload passengers on arrival and too windy on Wednesday morning, so the incoming team made it ashore on Wednesday afternoon and are very happy to finally be here!

Resupply is in full swing with a successful day of refuelling Thursday on a brilliant sunny, almost completely windless day.

Round trippers are busily getting into their project work and everything seems easier when the sun is out.

Friday we continue with cargo transfers over the water via LARC and IRB although, sadly, it looks like the fine weather will leave us.

The local wildlife seem to be completely indifferent to all the additional traffic!

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