This week our field scientists return to station for some emergency response training and follow up with an icy swim

SAR and swimming on Macca

Our intrepid FTO, Adam ran Search and Rescue (SAR) training for the station on 25 January. Starting with a scavenger hunt style tour of the field store to familiarise ourselves with the locations and specifications of important SAR equipment, the group then moved on to learning all the ins and outs of the emergency tents.

A lot was learned and many laughs shared as Adam imparted his wealth of outdoor knowledge with everyone in his vibrant style!

Moving onto 26 January, the station enjoyed the annual Australia day swim, complete with lifeguards in funny hats and red and yellow flags (safety first!). Lifeguards and swimmers alike gathered at 9am on the isthmus, starting the dipping of toes on the shallow, rocky east, before running across to the deeper, more forgiving west. Tremendous fun was had by all, with a few bystander elephant seals blushing at the sight of the new tall white penguins splashing around in the shallows.

Swimmers then proceeded to the hot tub and sauna, prepared and freshly cleaned by the legendary plumber Solano, to defrost.