Konnichiwa - this week, the Macca sushi train chugs into station

ALL ABOARRRRDDDD on the sushi train

A couple of Saturday nights ago, the Macca Sushi train rolled into town for our regular Saturday night 'Ding'.

Complete with working rollingstock (knocked up by previous winterers - thanks very much), the carriages were loaded up with all sorts of Japanese treats, and slowly and precariously chugged it's way down the centre of our mess table driven by Macca the plant operator... who else is going to drive a train on station?

The night kicked off with the all-important Japanese cocktails (more Russian than Japanese, but extremely popular) dreamt up and served by the 'Lakes Ladies' - Maggie and Cait, after lengthy quality control deliberations.

Behind the scenes a cluster of Sushi Ninja's worked tirelessly throughout the day to prepare the tasty morsels. A real treat for Annette the chef, who got to relax and enjoy a Saturday ding herself, instead of slaving over a hot stove to produce the fare.

By the end of the evening, the cocktail shaker was empty, everyone’s bellies were full…and there was still a train load of leftovers for Sunday lunch

Great night had by all.