Macca's magnificent curiosities

See some unique and historical parts of our station

My turn at our Station Update has come around again and what do I tell people about that they haven’t already heard about?

There have been stories about the elephant seal census, photos of the cute little weaners, photos of the Antarctic fur seals and of course, our resident NZ sea lion named Stumpy.

There have been stories about the multitude of different birds like the albatross, skuas, petrels, and some others that I have forgotten.

Then there are the penguins, how they get around station and how inquisitive they are when the strange, very tall and odd coloured humans come to look at them. Like the King, Gentoo, Royal, and Rockhoppers that inhabit the island and make their home next to ours.

Many stories about trips into the field and the amazing photos of the island and the lakes and beaches, the field huts, the “jump-ups" and the “jump-downs” (some not for the faint hearted).

Then there are the photos of the special occasions like the Midwinter celebrations, the Midwinter swim, Christmas Day, and Australia Day celebration and swim.

Remembering that Macca is quite an old station I went for a walk around the station and found some of the “interesting” things that are around the station, left from previous expeditioners that have been to Macca.

There are different murals on doors and walls, and many curiosities that are found around station, and I have taken some photos of some of them so that you can see what has been left over from previous years of people’s skill and imagination, and how the different eras have influenced what people have created their works on.