This week at Macca, winter Darts Co-Captain, Sparkie and Barber extraordinaire Adam gives us the lowdown on sharp cuts & fresh darts.

Sharp Cuts & Fresh Darts

As the junior member of the elite electrical team, most days are filled with maintenance, repairs and the renovation of the Hass House accommodation building. You might think there's no time to squeeze in a bit of fun but although some much-loved traditions have gone by the way, there’s still plenty to get stuck into at Macca.

Apart from the spectacular beauty of Macquarie Island and the close encounters with wildlife, I really enjoy the community aspect of life - cooking for the masses, 4pm gym crew and having a jam on the ukulele to name just a few. A couple of other things stand out - firstly, I am now a semi-professional barber and second, the Australian Antarctic Darts Competition.

Firstly to the 'barber shop'. A rumour spread around station that I had done 6 months of a hairdressing apprenticeship. This was news to me but thought I should go along with the rumour.

I was put to the test straight away but somehow bluffed my way through with a short back and sides, a mullet and the one off special Station Leader Rats Tail. There are a few regulars who are in every time the shop is open and while there is no cash charge, liquid donations are encouraged. I reckon the cuts are very stylish but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Now to the competition that stops all the stations!

Every year a darts competition is held between the four Australian bases (over video call) and this much-coveted title was on again during the month of July. Step forth the mighty MACQUARIE ISLAND ROCKHOPPERS. After a summer darts comp and tough selection trials, the team was set for the first round.

It was a nervous start for the Rockhoppers but with a full house of supporters in the mess willing us on we accounted for Casey 2-1 that night. The team didn’t rest on its laurels and was soon back on the training paddock honing its skills. With a tweaked lineup for round two we did it the hard way again with a 2-1 victory over Davis, the massive crowd riding every dart. It was in round 3 that the team wouldn’t be denied - this time against Mawson - and managed a clean sweep to cement our place in the annals of history.

There were some nervous moments, clutched darts and unbridled emotion when the final whistle was blown. 76th ANARE Darts Champions, MACQUARIE ISLAND ROCKHOPPERS!

Rockhoppers for life!

- Adam McLaughlin - Junior member of the Macquarie Island 76th ANARE elite electrical team