This week, we hear from one of our resident Chippies about their Macca experience thus far.

2023 Macca winter team reflections - Chippy 'Lil' Wayne Cloran

Hello, I’m Wayne one of the three wintering chippies here on Macca.

I reside in Perth, WA but originate from Manchester, England so the short days and rain here on Macquarie Island are very similar to that of my hometown.

As some buildings on station are starting to get a bit old and dilapidated, our main focus is on bringing the buildings back up to standard. The renovation of Hass house is our first big renovation project we’re working on at the minute and hoping to have it finished in time for summer.

After being here for three months, everyone has settled in and completed field training, so its time to enjoy the island. My first field trip after training was down to Green Gorge hut. The hike started with the usual slog up the Doctor’s Track, then onto the Overland Track for around 18km of ups and downs over tussocks and bogs. The hut sits right on the beach, which is covered with wildlife including a rookery of king penguins. The next day we took the short walk to Sawyer Creek to check out the waterfall.

A very brief account of my time so far on Macca.

- 'Lil' Wayne Cloran - Carpenter - 76th ANARE Macca 2023