This week, our winter Dieso tells a tale about a 36-kilometre journey to the southside of the island...

36-kilometres Southside of VJM

I have come this far south, what’s another 36 kms?

My solo trip to Herd Point and return started with me submitting a trip plan. About a week before intended departure, my plan was approved so I started to get some stuff sorted.

Departure day

The sunny weather looked good but during breakfast it quietly changed to snow, (weather people can’t always get the forecast correct) still doable so I departed station via the doctor’s track, several hours and 18 kms later of trudging through the snow I arrived at Green Gorge hut.

Second day

I managed to catch the sun rise this day which was spectacular so proceeded to ready myself for the days trip. The snow had continued to fall over night which was kind of expected so an extra layer of clothing was required. After the mornings sked I departed to Waterfall Bay hut despite the snowy conditions. The days walk through the snow was slightly shorter than the previous day.

Third day

Rain fell overnight which melted most of the snow away and the light winds were welcome, the trip started with a jump up away from the coast towards the overland track. Several hours later I arrived at the Herd Point cache and waited for my escort to descend the jump down. I didn’t have to wait too long till 3 expected expos arrived and we proceeded to descend to the Herd Point Hut.

Fourth Day

Rest day at Hurd Point hut, checked out the wild life. 

Fifth Day

Departing Hurd, the weather was either foggy or misty not sure which exactly so we proceeded via the creek jump up. The creek climb went ok for me but someone forgot their phone so had to back track.

My plan for the day was to walk back to Green Gorge hut, the other expos had a different plan so we went as far as South Lusitania Bay and departed company. The trip 18 kms or so went well.

Sixth day

Departed Green Gorge heading to the station, just another 18 kms or so. The winds were 25 to 30 knots so a little unpleasant but made it back safely to station.

If I was to do this trip again I would consider stretching it out a bit longer as there is a lot to see and the wildlife is spectacular.

PS: Herd is the most southern point on Macquarie Island

PPS: VJM is the 2 way call up for the station comms team, no one has been able to tell me what VJM acronym stands for exactly :-\

That’s it for this week!

- Mike Coombe (AKA Dieso)