This week at Macca, we learn about wide-ranging role of the comms team.

The wide ranging support of Comms

One of the beauties of this job is that every day is different, and one ever knows what the priority for the day may be. There are daily routines like the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency radiation monitoring filter change, which is a shared activity between Comms, Station Leader and Deputy Station Leader, where we process the collection of airborne particles in the atmosphere. These collections occur every 24 hours.

Magnetic observations are carried out every week, and the readings we measure are used to calibrate the automated equipment on the station.

Most of the other monitoring around station operates automatically (i.e. seismic, tide gauges, ARPANSA UV monitoring, GPS), and if there is an issue with any of these systems, we generally hear about it from the relevant department via an e-mail and phone call. From there, we investigate the issue.

The variety of communication equipment around the station varies from the satellite system, mobile phone system, VOIP and analog phone system, IT system, radio systems, and all the fibre and cable interconnect systems and the associated equipment that links everything together. Further down the island we have radios and satellite phones at all the field huts, and there are also radio repeaters located at specific locations, on high points around the island. These provide coverage in all areas while walking around the island. Below is a selection of photos containing some of equipment that we maintain on the Island.

– Macquarie Island Comms Team 2023 – 76th ANARE