Macquarie Island station is a flurry of activity as the annual resupply and changeover operation is underway

Swapping out people and cargo

Macca has seen a burst of activity this week as the annual resupply and station handover operation is now in full swing.

Following a four-day journey from Hobart, the resupply ship MPOV AIVIQ steamed into Buckles Bay on Thursday 23 March 2023.

Filled with critical cargo, station fuel and an excited new Macca expedition team, the AIVIQ team prompty kicked off resupply operations the following day.

In between the usual challenges offered by the Macca weather (read: wind, rain, snow, big surf/swell), operations have steadily progressed.

In the coming days, the station will be officially handed over and we'll say our farewells to the 75th Macca ANARE team.

To all the members of the 75th Macca ANARE team - we offer our congratulations on a successful season and best wishes for a safe journey back to Australia.

- The 75th & 76th Macca ANARE Teams