The adventures of the Macca weaners

Macquarie Station Chronicles: Wean about it

Chapter One: Station Life Unveiled

Amidst the windswept landscapes of Macquarie Island, the heart of the Macquarie Station pulsed with activity.
As the Supply Officer, my days were a symphony of organising, ensuring the lifeblood of the station by changing out the rubbish on a weekly basis.
Little did I know that this routine was about to be enriched by the endearing presence of the Weeners.

Chapter Two: Weaners Ahoy!

The Weaners, curious and fluffy, quickly became honorary crew members in our daily tasks.
Their adorable antics brought joy, yet with each waggle of their flippers, they also posed challenges—distractions amidst the demanding duties of the station.
Blocking the way of the gates impending our path with their big round eyes.

Chapter Three: Down the Coast!

With a spirit of collaboration, the weaners (in this case Plumbers) donned miniature safety vests as we set sail down the island. Our destination: Waterfall Bay Hut.
The vessel hummed with excitement as the Weaners supervised the unloading of supplies, ensuring every package found its rightful place.
The once distracting fluffballs had become a helpful workforce, turning the challenges of logistics into moments of teamwork.

Chapter Four: Hamshack Havoc and Fur Seal Fiascos

Upon returning to base, our Weaner workforce led us to a surprising discovery—a secluded rockhopper nestled beneath the rocks near the hamshack.
This solitary bird, with its distinctive crest and curious eyes, observed our activities with a regal demeanour.
It became the station's unofficial mascot, a symbol of the wild beauty that surrounded us.

Chapter Five: Royal Stroll of the Odd King Penguin

In the midst of our bustling routine, an unexpected visitor graced our station.
A majestic King Penguin, not a common sight in these parts, ambled its way onto our premises.
With a distinctive orange splash of colour on its head, it stood out in stark contrast to the surrounding snow.

Chapter Six: Aerial Cove Odyssey and Pungent Predicaments

Undeterred by the royal procession, our journey continued to Aerial Cove.
Here, amidst the crashing waves, we encountered the formidable fur seals. 
Towering and territorial, their breaths were indeed the stinkiest ever encountered.
Dodging their powerful roars and pungent exhales.

Epilogue: Weaner Waves and Antarctic Adventures

As the Weaners became an indispensable part of our station life, their journey from playful distractions to dedicated burps & farts was complete.
Each trip down the island became a shared adventure, with the Weaners contributing their own brand of charm to the rhythm of station life.

Nanching Lee, Station Supply Officer