Midwinter ode and greetings from Macca

An Ode to Buzzies

Hooked on a feeling
I’m high on believing
I’m in love with you
Yes I’m hooked on a feeling

It must be the isolation
It might be the rain
It could be a precursor
For going insane

For the size of the Buzzies
They really are huge
They will stick to your fuzzies
Like a crocheted deluge

Like poo on a blanket
They will stick to your socks
They can attach to your thermals
Get into your… (ok they shouldn’t really… yuck)

Those little black gloves?
The ones made of wool?
Don’t wear them too casual
You’ll end up a fool

Like a humming bird to nectar
It is wool Buzzie’s love
To avoid being a vector
I wear dish washing gloves!

They are a clever little plant
Who has learnt what to do
Just hanging out being a Buzzie,
Stuck on me, stuck on you.

‘Acaena minor’
So lime green and small
And ‘Acaena magellanica’
The biggest of all

I’m stuck on you
Got this feeling down deep in my sock
That I just can’t lose
Yes you’re here today
And I hope you’re here to stay.

Billy Wallace (Senior Field Training Officer) 

Happy Midwinter from Macca!

As this station update goes out to the world, the team at Macca will be celebrating Midwinter’s Day.

As you read this, we're either taking a quick morning swim in the frosty waters on each side of the Isthmus, or warming up in the outdoor spa, or sharing a delicious celebratory brunch in the historic Post Office, or perhaps helping the chef in the kitchen prepare our formal evening feast. We might even be putting the finishing touches on our hand-made Midwinter gifts to exchange after dinner.

Here is our greeting card sent to all Antarctic and sub-Antarctic research stations to mark this important day in the Antarctic calendar. Happy Midwinter’s Day!

We look forward to sharing photos of our special day with you next week…