A cross eyed view of life at Macca

Macca in stereovision

A long time ago, on a larger island far, far away, a friend of mine was given a stereo image viewer as a birthday gift and he introduced me to the world of three-dimensional (3D) photography.

This winter on Macquarie Island I've been experimenting with stereo photography as well as building a stereoscope to view the images.

My first stereo photography rig was a pair of identical pocket cameras mounted side-by-side but I’m currently using a matching pair of DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras.

A stereoscope isn’t essential but it does make viewing the image pairs and achieving the 3D effect much easier.

An alternative viewing method without a stereoscope is to reverse the images (left image on right and right image on left) and use a cross-eyed technique to form a 3D image in your centre of vision.

This isn’t a joke and I find it the quickest way to review stereo images on a computer screen.

Click on the reverse image pairs below and try viewing them cross-eyed.


Mark (MET Senior Technical Officer Engineering)