End of a busy resupply and beginning of the 72nd ANARE season

Fuel tanks, freezers and field huts are now full!

This week marked the end of a very successful resupply to Macquarie Island. The fuel tanks, freezers and field huts are now full and we would like to thank the dedicated people (and Nui the dog) who made this resupply so successful.

As you can see from the photos we utilised every helicopter, boat, tractor, amphibious vehicle and any spare pair of arms and legs on station. Thanks again to everyone who formed a human chain to stock the fridges and freezers, or walked a fuel line to check for fuel leaks (not a drop!).

We also had a bunch of people on the island conducting field work and many others resupplying the emergency caches and field huts with gas and food pods. Nui the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service (TASPAWS) biosecurity dog also ventured into the field in a helicopter, although we suspect he preferred the walk back. Meanwhile a team of people on station were kept busy transporting cargo and peeling potatoes to feed the worthy masses. Many thanks to you all.

When it was all over, the 72nd ANARE expeditioners climbed to the Ham Shack deck to toast the departing Aurora Australis, and to farewell the 71st ANARE team and all of the round trip expeditioners who helped to set us up for a great start to the season.

We look forward to being the custodians of Macquarie Island this season and to sharing our year with you.

Kat (Station Leader)